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Feb 4, 2001
Trying to get ballpark idea about cost of souvenirs for our trip in late June. What is the current price of Mickey ears? Do they still embroider the names on them? If so, what is the additional cost? Kinda want to know b4 DH gets there and falls over at high price.

Also, has anyone found a good autograph book
that is worth buying before the trip, or are the ones at DW too cute to pass up? I believe I've read somewhere that the DW autograph books were @ $5.99.

Thanks for your input.
We went last year, but I am sure prices havent changed too drastically...

Mickey ears were approx $5-6 and you there were some places to get them embroidered for a litle extra..

Autograph books were around $5-6 also.. The only that we could find had a big 2000 on it and in each of the "0's" was a disney character... They were not overly cute, but they did the job.. :)


Mickey Ears are still $6 and if you buy them at the hat shop on Main Street at the MK, the names are free. If you buy them anywhere else, you have to pay for the names to be put on.

Do the Mickey Ears come in different sizes? My 26 year old brother wants me to buy him some Mickey Ears with his name embroidered on him when we go next week, but my brother has a HUGE head! Do they have larger size ones?

Becky G


First Family Trip March 31-April 7, 2001 & Staying at the Dolphin!
This works if your kids are old enough - make your own autograph books! My kids (ages 6,10, & 12 at the time) made their own. They decorated the covers as they wanted and they were very simple to make (folded plain copy paper in half and stapled the folded edge to keep the pages together). It gave them something to do in preparation for the trip. And they received many compliments on their books from CMs - in very quiet voices! ;)
Becky G: The mouse ears come in child and adult sizes. The adult size isn't really that big though - they don't fit real well on most men. Of course, how many men (or women for that matter) do you know that will actually wear them? ;) They're more of a novelty! It seems every time I go, I have somebody from work that asks me to get them mouse ears with their name on them! LOL!

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator
Thanks for the prices. I can handle paying that for Mickey ears, but I'm still fishin' for a bargain on the autogaph books.

I've seen some creative ideas as I've surfed this site. I'm not sure I want to make my own.(Thanks for the idea anyway.) I'd like to find something small and unique. Still open for ideas on this one.

I think this year I am going to buy the little brag books, or some other type of photo album, and take 3x5 or 4x6 index cards, whichever fits in them. The character can sign the cards to be placed in one side, then a picture with the caracter can be placed on the other.

What we have always done before is put the picture on the page opposite on autograph books. Unfortunately, with the lots of thumbing through that these books take, it doesn't hold up well.
That's a really good idea. I think I'll go with that one. I could keep track of the index cards during the visit, then put it all together when I got home. Thanks Alot :)

Now if anyone knows where to find a small photo album that has Disney characters on it, I'll be set. Fat chance, huh! ;)

Thanks again.
Hey like your name!!!

I've already done what the previous poster said. Went to Wal-mart they have the most perfect Disney 4x6 photo albums. Then while there and just looking I found multi-colored 4x6 note pads with sheets that fit perfectly in the sleeve of the album. This may be more than what you want to do but I wanted to make it special and unique so on the left side of the sleeve I am using a different colored sheet and putting a clipart pic. of each character along with their name with some really neat lettering from MS word. Then below there's plenty of room to sign an autograph on the rest of the 4x6 page. On the opposite page-right hand side I'm leaving it empty to insert the picture we get of our DD with that same character.Just flip to the next page and you have a different character! I must admit I did'nt know if I really wanted to take this on as I am a perfectionist and knew I would want it to look really good and it would take time but I am having the most fun putting it together and love the reactions I'm getting from others. If you wanted to keep it simple you could still do it in a relatively short period of time. Besides my 3 and half yr. old DD is always wanting to see which character I put in next and she is so much more excited about getting autographs and seeing the characters than I thought she would be! The albums are also great I think because they have the plastic sleeves so not only will the pictures be protected but also the autographs and when you see the character all you have to do is flip to that character pull the sheet out and they can sign! Put it back in and it's well protected! Whatever you do I'm sure your autographs will turn out great. Good Luck!!!! ;)
Going to Wal*Mart right now to check it out. This is just the amount of work that I want to do. I'm with you on the "perfectionist" thing. (Must be a Kristi thang)
I scrapbook (in my spare time in the summer because I teach)and I really didn't want to start a small scrapbook because there would be too much involved. Your idea is just right!

Question: How do you print the graphics and text onto the notepad sheet? Setting margins???

Thanks again for the idea.
Also, I forgot to ask. This is our 1st trip so we don't know what characters to expect. Can you give me a rundown on the characters that you most encounter when you visit?

Hope this helps?!?!

I wish I could do it the way you explained but it would probably take me too much time to figure it all out. I'm actually taking the clipart off of the disney clipart site and copying it into MS word so there all on one page and then ***yes hand cutting them out*** and glueing them on with a glue stick. I don't know if this would help or save time plus I don't know if they would print out different but after I already had them printed and cut I thought that it would have been alot easier to print them on to the complete page label sticker sheets. Saw those at Wal-mart also and I think that Avery makes them. Once you printed them out on the complete page sticker sheet you could just cut and stick them on! The only thing is I think a pack of 25 sheets was $9.99 so it would cost a little more. These would make it so much quicker but I've already started and it's a little cheaper just glueing by hand. By the way if you find the albums they were only$3.96 each!!! with enough sleeves to hold 25 autographs and pics. They're made by Holson and you can buy extra refills if you need more. I bought 2 albums just in case we get more than 25 autographs and then when I get home I can just transfer them into the other one. I think the colored memo pad sheets were only $1.78 for a pack of 4 different colors. One tip is when cutting out the clipart I left a small amount of the white paper around the edge of the character and that made them show up on the colored paper really well!! I know it sounds like alot but once I got started I really got on a roll and am still having fun doing it. The only thing is I'm not sure where to stop with the characters as I don't know who we'll see but if you miss one you can always take extra pads of the paper with you have the character sign the bottom and then find the clipart of that character when you get home and walaaaa!!! The reason why I'm so determined to get as many characters as I can get now is I probably won't be as motivated to finish it when I get home as I am now with all of the excitement. Sorry this was so long but have fun and hope it helps!!!! :cool:


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