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Jun 5, 2016
Mickey and the Fireman.jpg Tink and Cinderella castle.jpg Hey All! I'm new to this and not sure if I've already posted in this Arts and Crafts section. I'm looking for the cross stitch pattern to Mickey Mouse and the Fireman. It was a kit produced by Stoney Creek and sold exclusively in the parks until 2007 when it was retired. It was based on a print commissioned by Disney after a major fire in California in 1993. The print features a fireman in full gear bending slightly to shake hands with Mickey. Mickey is in his red pants and black coat. You can still buy the trading pins and prints in the parks today. My daughter's fiance's father was a fireman and recently passed away. His family has had the lithograph/print framed in their house for a number of years, and as you can imagine, it means quite a bit the family. I'd like to do the cross stitch version for my daughter and (future) son-in-law. I have been in touch with both Stoney Creek and Disney with no luck. I've been scouring the internet for about a year now, again with no luck. I send emails to every shop I find online that handles vintage patterns but so far nothing has come out of it.

In searching, I have also come across another pattern that my daughter (newly back from the Disney College Progam) fell in love with. It is Cinderella's castle on a dark blue aida cloth with fireworks and Tinkerbell in the top right corner. Thanks to anyone who might have leads on these patterns.


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