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Aug 20, 1999
As oldest DS(14) gets "bigger" he really doesn't want to share a pull-out w/ youngest DS(7). So we really wants a 2 BD. I'm sure having a 3rd TV doesn't hurt. I was thinking about using a studio for Fri. (when we land) and Sat. nite and then staying in 2 BD for the rest of the week. I'm not wild about moving, we have never done this in the past. Has anyone done this?:confused:
If you ask, MS can link the reservations and you can have a lock-off 2BR which will utilize the same studio you start out in. That way, you don't even have to move- just wait until the 1BR portion is available and open the door! Enjoy!
We moved last Dec from the YC to the VWL..There were 6 of us including a 2 year old and it was no big deal as I thought it would suggested you can REQUEST getting the lock-off and they will do ther best but no guarantee on their will not be a big deal as you are not leaving the resort and they could hold your things as you can go & play and come back to your new room...have a great time..Marianne :earsgirl:
We moved twice (due to adding days) during our last visit. I would suggest that you pack one suitcase just for those first 2 days, it will make packing easier when you move rooms. Then have a larger suitcase for the rest of your stay.
I'm so glad that I posted this question. I really like all of the suggestions, but I esp. like Doc's suggestion of a linked ressie w/ a lock-off studio. I never really understood all of the interest in lock-offs, but now I do. Now if I could just figure out how to edit my posts so they are grammatical and logical: "he(DS) really wants" instead of "we really wants"
We have changed rooms, moved from OKW to BWVs. It was a pain, having to pack mid vacation but the bell staff (at both sites) showed up on time; kept all our refrigerated (and frozen) items cold; were courteous and made the move fairly painless. So should you not be able to arrange the set up as suggested by Doc, CM will be very helpful for about a buck a bag. You will be without a room for some period of time so plan accordingly.
Before I make any request from MS, I'd like to know if this is something that they WILL do or is it a request that is noted with the caveat that there is no guarantee. Since I'm booking OKW in the 10 month window(too late for 11 mo window LOL), does this improve my chances of getting the lock-out? Thanks again for all of the great info!
The lock off is not really a request, but a reserved and confirmed accommodation. Just explain what you are wanting so the CM can link it. We do this frequently (actually are doing it this weekend! :) ), so I know it is not a problem.

We will have a 1BR beginning tomorrow nite and have guests joining us Sat for 4 nites. We'll keep the same 1BR and just add the lock off for the 4 nights- then on Wed- we just have the 1BR again. No problem in getting this done. Make sure to explain and ask for the ressies (they will be separate ressies) to be linked together so you won't have to move. You will have to have the desk issue new keys for each change in the ressie, but no moving out. With 10 months to work with, you should be fine! Enjoy!
Glad to hear DVC is taking that kind of request now. I had tried that back in 1996 and they said they could not do it. We were in a one bedroom and had others joining us after a few days and then had a two bedroom. Not only did we have to move, but because of the check out and check in times we had to put our luggage is storage. It was a real drag. Ironically we moved right back into the same building one floor up from where we were.

I knew it was a little more difficult to link the reservations because they have to make sure some one in the "other half" is checking out on the same day you want to start using the second half. This does restrict their flexibility some, so I did not make a big deal of it at the time.

I am glad to hear they do that now.



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