March 23rd Anyone?

Cheryl in PA

Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2002
Anyone out there going on the Magic March 23rd? We are!! We have an almost 11 year old girl and 71/2 year old boy. We can't wait for our trip and reading all these posts makes me want to go NOW!! :pinkbounc :bounce:
my wife and i will be going on march 23. we faxed our shore excursion requests today. we have never been on a cruise, but are big mouse fans and we are PSYCHED! c ya on board in 8 weeks!
We're sailing March 23rd also. It's our first cruise. We have an almost 11 year old daughter too. They'll be in the Oceaneer's lab together (agegroup 10-12)!
I am a single mom going with dd who is 9 and ds who is 7. We are so excited. We just got upgrade to a better room. Hope to see you on the cruise. We have the late seating and have booked our excursions. what about ya'll??????
We have early dining. We too booked an excursion. We're doing the St John Trunk Bay 5Star. Not sure what we want to do at St Martins (the possibility of seeing nude sunbathing is making my 10 year old DD uncomfortable.) We may just debark and shop on the Dutch side. Or just stay on the ship!

Did Disney upgrade you for free? If so, how lucky!
Upgrade was not free but only $200 more. Not bad!!!!!! I heard how loud deck 2 is and we were under the disco plus engine noise. We're doing the Atlantis Sub trip and then plan to go to Magen's Bay (St. Thomas) and we're doing the Golden Eagle Catamaran (St. Maarten). Heard it was awesome!!!! I heard there's great shopping in Grand Case!!!
Add us to your list of cruisers on March 23rd. My DH, DS (7) DD (6) will be joining you. It's our first Disney Cruise and we are so excited!! Does everone have their Disney information downloaded from the internet or am I the only geek? I'll be a prepared geek, but geek none-the-less..., as my husband rolls his eyes. Looking forward to cruising with y'all!!:wave:
We are sailing too! Can't wait!!! We also have an 11yo DD and almost 10yo DD. We also have two other families sailing in our party and 2 families from my DDs class are also on the cruise.In addition to my DD there are 4yo,6yo,8yo,10yo boys and 9yo girl. We have early seating,booked the Golden Eagle catarman(1:00).banana boat(2:00)and the TrunkBay excursion. we are sataying the night before at the radisson. 44 days and counting:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Great!!!!We're booked on the 1:00 catamaran too!!!I heard it's awesome!!! We have the late seating for dinner and I hope my DS gets to meet all the boys with your group. He easily makes new friends. Are they going on the catamaran too? We're so excited too!!!!!!!
We're booked on the March 23 Eastern Caribbean 7 night cruise, category 6. There's self, DW, DD 10, and DD 12.

Our documents arrived days ago. There was nothing in there about excursions. Did other March 23 passengers already get excursion information and the ability to sign up?

The only problem in the paperwork is that it shows Main Seating rather than Late Seating. We requested Late Seating. Gotta get that changed. When you account for the 2 hour time difference from Chicago, Main Seating is way too early to eat.
I received info about excursions in early January and booked 60 days b/f cruise date. You need to call and book now. Here's the #1-877-566-0968. i hope you know what excursion you want. They sent a booklet but it has the same excursions that are on the website, Hope this helps!!!!!! I have not received documents yet!!!!!
We've not received our documents yet either. I heard they arrive approximately 30 days prior to sail. Is that right?
We've not received our documents yet either. I heard they arrive approximately 30 days prior to sail. Is that right?
Our documents arrived from Fed Ex today. I thought I had ordered something I forgot about,LOL:pinkbounc 40 more days:wave:
The cruise documents for our 3/23/02 cruise were shipped via FedEx 2-day service on 2/6/02 and delivered on 2/8/02. (I though we were finally receiving our Harry Potter game software from MacMall.)

I never received anything about shore excursions, neither with the cruise documents, nor in another mailing. But thanks to "kcand sunshine" I now have the phone number. (Thank you!)

Funny how DCL doesn't ship to all passengers for the same cruise at the same time.

Anyone else on the 3/23/02 Disney Magic 7 night cruise?
Myself, DH and DS 9 will be on this 7 day Magic Cruise!! Our first, we can't wait, and I am addicted to this web site! We have received documents, picked a few excursions, and are ready to go!! We have the second dinner seating, does anyone know if you can request your dinner rotation? Thanks! :cool:
I called to change to late seating because our travel documents said "main seating" even though we were confirmed for late seating back in May when be booked. I thought of requesting a dinner rotation and a table size at that time, but I decided I'd rather be surprised.

I think we'd be happiest if we had the PLAPLAP rotation at a table for 8 with another familiy with similarly aged daughters. (Ours are 10 and 12.) But I think it's sometimes better not to be too specific. So I'll just trust that DCL knows how to assign tables to have happy, satisfied passengers.


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