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Discussion in 'runDisney' started by sandam1, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. sandam1

    sandam1 Mouseketeer

    Apr 19, 2016
    This year for Marathon Weekend I did the 5K with my friend and then my first half marathon. Looking towards next year (yes, Disney easily moved me off my "one and done" pre-race stance), my friend would like to add the 10K. I have NO desire to do the full marathon, hence no Dopey for me.

    Then I got to thinking - in the past I had a schedule conflict which prevented me from doing the Princess weekend, but that conflict won't be an issue in 2020. Looking at the course maps, the Princess races appear to be basically the same courses as the marathon weekend. So other than the theme and the ability for me to complete the glass slipper challenge (a HUGE pro in my book), is there anything else that is substantively different between the two weekends?
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  2. jmasgat

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    Jun 14, 2006
    A couple of things off the top of my head....

    --Hotel costs are more expensive during Princess. January (at least for now) is definitely cheaper.
    --Weather.....February is warmer, and if you are not a warmer weather runner, it can make a difference. Of course, Marathon weekend weather has been very variable, and weather in general is a crap shoot.
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  4. bumbershoot

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    Mar 5, 2007
    There’s always the Goofy.

    Princess is a slower field compared to marathon weekend.

    The last line is everything.

    2015 the January 5k was SO cold. Below freezing before the start; I was volunteering and my son and then husband were participating. The participants were huddled together to keep warm. No space heaters or mylar blankets were used.

    The next month for princess 5k it was colder. Like 28.

    Thankfully they brought out the blankets and heaters for princess like they should have done for marathon weekend.
  5. Ariel484

    Ariel484 DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2011
    Princess is a different crowd, more first-timers will participate in that weekend. Like you said, the theme is a big get short-sleeve shirts for the races instead of long-sleeve like the half.

    I last did Princess weekend in 2017 and I think it was the same weekend as the Daytona 500 (?), so the airport was crazy crowded - be prepared for that possibility. Flower & Garden stuff started to go up at the parks, which is nice.

    The other big thing is that without a marathon at the end of it, the scheduled of the weekend shifts. The half is on Sunday, 10K is Saturday and 5K is Friday.
  6. Bree

    Bree Runs on Coffee

    Jan 5, 2009
    The runner demographics and merchandise. The merchandise tends to be bling bling girly girl. This weekend brings in the most women (obviously) with lots and lots of first time race participants and many people thinking pixie dust instead of training is all they need to cross the finish line. It’s a very unique race weekend. I have a love/hate relationship with the weekend. I love it because the Princess 10K was my first RunDisney race. I hate it for the estrogen levels and sheer snark I’ve received from other runners for taking my race too seriously. I know this post is so negative, but I don’t get involved with catty girl drama in real life so it gets annoying on race weekend. There are a lot of positive back stories from runners for this weekend too so don’t let the drama you read about on the internet scare you away. 2019 will be my 4th Princess Weekend so it’s not like I’m letting the negativity keep me away. I’m running just the half this year and driving in race morning (I’m local) instead of staying on site and decided to wear a costume. My experience will probably be very different because of this! I’m looking forward to my castle photo and sprinting up those highway ramps. I’m probably the only one who enjoys that part of the course.
  7. Grumpy_42K

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    Dec 13, 2017
    I used to live close enough to the Magic Kingdom that I heard the WDW Train whistle when it passed through the North side.
    Therefore, I ran every Disney World race available.

    The INAUGURAL Princess rolled around and I debated about running it, thinking it was for women ONLY.
    I asked women on another Disney running blog at the time what they thought about guys running it. They were all positive and told me to run.
    I believe I signed up two days before the race.
    I wasn't allowed to select my Princess or have my name printed on the bib.
    I was given a Cinderella. Of course I wanted a Snow White. (I actually have a Grumpy tattoo)
    I added a Snow White sticker to my bib and wrote my name, which I always do if races don't print my name.

    I digress...
    I remember that morning seeing a sea of wonderful women runners. :) :) :)
    There were several guys who accompanied their spouses but didn't run that gave me the side-eye since I had a bib number and they knew I was A GUY running.
    "How dare he!" These days I could just identif...never mind. :)
    One guy in particular was very distressed that I was running in a "Women's Race."
    Don't worry though, I put the moron in his place.
    Anyway, I believe there were 194 men that ran that inaugural race.
    I am very proud to have run it and remember it fondly.
    The point is, if you can run either one or both, run them. I ran both that year and can't put one above the other.
    The weather was great for both that year, unlike lately when it has been whacko!

    PS, since the race shirt was a pink woman's cut I ended up selling all the race items on ebay years later.
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  8. sandam1

    sandam1 Mouseketeer

    Apr 19, 2016
    Based on all of the comments, I think that I am leaning more heavily towards a repeat of the marathon weekend. Yes, there will be no extra bling - no Goofy or Dopey with no marathon - but I'm all about saving some money (I'm also thinking about a DL trip in 2020) and lower crowds. Of course, there's two months to registration day so who knows where I'll be then.

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