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  1. dimndgal1

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    Aug 10, 2010
    I just wanted to thank everyone on the board for the wonderful advice I have gotten for our upcoming trip. With the help from such informative and kind people I have been able to plan a trip that our whole family can enjoy despite one of us being 5 months post double knee replacement and me being 2 months post hip surgery. I truly was down about the trip, pessimistic about how I would do, when my doctor decided hip surgery was necessary and needed to be done ASAP to the point I wanted to cancel it...

    With your advice, I have mapped out a realistic touring plan with plenty of room for rests and flexibility for slower days, a nice break with a no park day ending with an Illuminations Cruise, and have rooms at our resorts that will fit our needs. I also have an appointment at a wonderful little shoe store to get fitted for shoes that should make any walking for me easier, know which questions to ask my doctor on my next follow-up concerning the trip, and know which rides are probably best for me to sit out.

    The best part is that you all pointed me in the right direction on who to call to ensure necessary amenities to accommodate my hip - the wonderful CM at the number posted in the sticky were able to get a handheld shower sprayer, a tub transfer bench, and to notate that I might need ECV access to our cruise.

    This board has also helped me accept that an ECV is not 'giving in' but rather 'getting out'... before my surgery I felt like I was copping out getting an ECV but now I am looking so forward to being able to keep up with my family and be able to last the whole day.

    I just want to offer my gratitude to everyone. :goodvibes As my family and I are winding down the end of a ridiculously stressful year (We moved cross country, DH has been going through a rigorous program involving lots of time away, and I had hip surgery a month ago), we have been looking forward to this trip as a celebration with his family. After my surgery I was concerned it would be a trip of limitations for me but now I truly feel it will just be a chance to see the park at a different pace but still enjoy the ride!

    :thumbsup2 THANKS! :thumbsup2
  2. Betty Rohrer

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    May 19, 2010
    have a great vacation, being able to keep up with your family. do not be surprised that you find you want the handheld showerhead at home. it is posible to have at home. so nice to shower and not have to stand. my problem is bad knees.
  3. SueM in MN

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    Aug 23, 1999
  4. goofieslonglostsis

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    Nov 23, 2007
    The best piece of advice in this -and life really- ; focus on what is possible. On what you can do and what is. Enjoy that to no end, which will probably be oh so easy for some things you have not been able to do for a while. Which such an outlook, it is so easy to enjoy a day and afterwards go "OK, that went wrong, but all these things were great, WHAT an amazing day!". Where as when you look at the negative, it is so easy to get down.

    Also keep reminding yourself you are there to enjoy! Ask for more help than "scheduled" if you find you need it. Enjoying 4 hours a day is so priceless and will totally outshadow 8 hours keep pushing on not really enjoying but battling. Both family and CM's will be more than happy to help (as far as they are allowed obviously when it comes to CM's). Even guests. I've found 99% of the guests to be lovely folks that would be happy to help, open a door if need be, reach for something or whatever. Many already offer it before ever asking or perhaps it being needed. That happy place does still do something with folks. :goodvibes And ignore the other 1%.

    If you aren't already in the know; no need to go back to the resort if you need to lie down for some rest. This can also be done at the first aid in each park. Combine it with a ride others want to do and you don't want to or can't do anyway, and it is a lot easier to not let false sentiments like "I'm holding them back" get in the way of getting rest where need be.

    OT, but reading Betty's post about the shower; is handheld not the "norm" in daily live in the US? Never stops to amaze me what I keep on learning on this board.

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