Mandymouse's Fantasy Back2Back ~ Part 2


Bahama Mama Time !!
Mar 8, 2003
Sunday 28th September

We decided we weren't going to get up too early today, though still got up at 7.45am. We packed our final things and left at 8.30. We got to the Virgin DTD check-in 10 minutes later and it was empty, yay !!

Within no time we had our luggage weighed (I always hold my breath for that lol), and all was well so we got back in the car and went to the Magic Kingdom

We couldn't remember the last time we had driven here, it is always so much easier to get the resort bus. I took a photo of where we were parked (Simba 15), then took the tram to the TTC. We decided to take the ferry over to MK (again, haven't done this in years), and we arrived around 9.30am

After taking the usual pics of the Walt statue and Cinderella's Caste, we wandered into Frontierland. There wasn't a line for the Magic Carpets, though were thrown when they asked if we had FP+. Thankfully the standby line was empty too so we rode it

Our first FP+ was for Big Thunder Mountain, so we rode that, then as there was no wait in the standby line for Pirates of the Caribbean we jumped on that next

We wandered over to Fantasyland, but there was a light shower, so we decided on an early lunch at Cosmic Ray's to avoid the crowds should there be a downpour

After lunch, and no rain in sight, we wandered back to the new area of Fantasyland. It looked really nice, but nothing really interested me

Our next FP was for Buzz Lightyear, and although I hit a 100,000 straight away, Paul caught up with me quickly, then beat me

We needed to put our feet up for a few minutes so rode the TTA

It was getting rather warm so I had a yummy Pineapple Float from Aloha Isle to cool down

Our last FP was for the 7 dwarfs mine, but it was too late for us as we would be needing to head to the airport soon, and as we didn't have much time (or energy) we wandered through the shops on Main Street USA, had a quick coffee and cake from Starbucks, then exited the park

We took the monorail back to the car park then had a quick stop at Wal-Mart, and made a dash into the Kate Spade shop in the Premium Outlets, for some jewellery for our girls

We got to the airport around 4pm and made our way through security (where we both got frisked - ooh err). We had another cake and coffee once airside and waited at gate 81 for VS076 to Manchester which was thankfully on time for its 6.55pm departure

And this is where my notes finished, and sadly our amazing holiday was over. The flight home was uneventful (thank goodness lol) and it felt great knowing that our next holiday was already booked

Thanks for reading along everyone, and sorry for taking so long to get it finished :)



DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 2009
Still a lot to pack into your last day even without the Mine Train ride. Shame that with the new FP+ system you can't pass along the magic of unused FPs like you used to. I take my hat off to you for being able to do all that and still make a stop for some shopping on the way to the airport! Another lovely holiday but with more booked it's always easier to go home without crying too much! :-) Thanks for posting your TR, I love to see them.


DIS Veteran
Jul 24, 2009
Oh Mandy I'm really sad your TR has come to an end :sad2::sad2:

I've really enjoyed reading it & thank you so much for writing it :thumbsup2

Here's to the next one :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  • florida sun

    Mrs Christopher Eccleston wannabe!
    May 2, 2004
    Just finished reading the whole lot Mandy, so glad I waited until you finished as I love to read them all in one go. Great report, fab photos, and you look lovely in all your pics:goodvibes


    In Search of the Tag Fairy
    Dec 25, 2007
    This was another busy day. You got loads packed in. What a shame that you missed out on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train though. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading along.


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