Making Ressies for someone else

Steve BWV'99

Oct 21, 1999
I am planning to make reservations for my brother and family next year using our DVC points (we will not be going). When I make the ressie, how does it work? Do I use their name for the ressie? I'm assuming since they are not DVC members, they get no perks like discounted passes, etc even though we booked the room for them. Thanks!

You make the ressies in their name. The confirmation letter will be sent to you, so you should make a copy for them to avoid any check in problems.

Officially, renters are not entitled to member's benefits but this is not enforced. Tell MS when you make the ressies that they are NOT renting; this will ensure that they get all of the benefits, except I'm not sure about the discounted park passes.

Can't hurt for them to ask for the discounted passes when they check in anyway.

Good luck!

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