Making a new post!


DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
Pretty good.
I shoveled out a lot of extra money this month. I would be rolling in pins had I been able to spend that cash on pins instead of vet bills ($400 annual dog shots/regular meds) & $269 for appliance repairs. :( choke -- choke
But could be worse. At least I had the money to pay the bills.;)
And I may be an Ex-Peachette -- I don't know!!!
O' woe is me.:rolleyes:


constant begger of pins, medium size fish too far
Dec 24, 1999
I am still figuring things out here but i think i did the email connection and well I am trying color. I did a pin dance today because I got another wonderful pin, the flamingo from Fantasia!!! Love it. Now to get the lost / green Tokyo I could be great! at least until I find a new want. I had to delay a payment because the money order machine was broke and I feel guilty. oops too much info :jester:


<font color=006600>Found out it's not nice to teas
Apr 24, 2000
Having fun with the new toys all kinds of stuff!! small toys and big toys!!
Ok, that's enough!


Humpbacks1962 on Pinpics
Feb 15, 2001
Hi Darleene.

Just fine myself. The only thing I notice about htis board is that it takes longer for the number of posts to be updated. I thought there was only one reply to this post and after I opened it, realized thre were more.

I like this board better. Looks nice, offers more choices.

Anyhow, Just wanted to stop by and say hi too.


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