Mailing yourself a package to your resort....


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Mar 16, 2001
I got a tip from someone about doing this before you leave home. She said she put in crackers and other snack foods that would keep. Has anyone here done this and do the resorts mind? We are staying at AsMo in December (2 thru 9) and my son who will be almost 5 then is a real snacker so I don't want to go broke buying him snacks. Thanks! ~Mermaid (who is sure she is one of Triton's other daughters! ;) )
I shipped a special basket from Mickey Mouse to my two sons to arrive the day before our arrival. I could have thrown it in the car but I wanted it to be special. They had a little trouble finding it when we checked in but they brought it up just as we were unpacking...a great suprise! I think I read somewhere on here that the resorts were starting to charge people who were doing this. Didn't happen to us but fair warning. I think it's a great way to save money and space on the plane! Have fun!
Just returned from a week at WDW. Five days before I left I mailed myself an 18 lb. box c/o the Wilderness Lodge. I put in all our snacks, extra baggies, surprise treats for the kids that I bought on sale at the Disney store prior to the trip (autograph books, fat pens, Character T-shirts, beanie Mickey & Minnie, character beach towels, baseball caps). It cost me $8 to send by UPS. It was waiting for me at the front desk (I marked my arrival date & time on the box). I was not charged anything by the hotel. It was great not to have to lug this down with me - I would do it again!
This is a great idea and so convenient. Do you think HIFS would be as receptive to this as a disney resort? I'd love to suprise the kids with a gift or two (or three) ;)

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