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    We had cabin 6612 and Efren was the room attendant. The boys loved all of his towel animals. We had 8:15 p.m. dining on a PLAPLAP rotation. Conrad and Dante were our servers and they did a very nice job. This rotation worked out well because we had Lumiere's for formal night. It was also nice to not be rushed to get ready for dinner so early.

    We had the early shows and also took advantage on some days to see the matinee run of the evening shows. We did this for the Golden Mickey's and for Disney Dreams. It freed up the evening to play until 6 or 7 and then get ready for dinner. We had dinner every evening in the main restaurants except for the day we were in St. Thomas. We ate at Topsiders because we were tired and wanted to be finished early so we went to dinner about 7p.m. up there. It was ok but I prefer the main dining room.

    Sea days were enjoyable and relaxing, the weather was great. We bought the week long internet package for 89.00 We probably got our money's worth because the connections seemed so slow that I was glad we weren't paying by the minute. My boys were on the sports deck 90% of the time. The oldest never went to the clubs at all, he just played basketball all the time. Around 11p.m. there was almost always a pick-up game with the teen boys against some of the staff, he thought that was just great. The boys he was playing basketball with all week were 13-15 and since he is close to being 13 he started to go to The Stack with them and he loved it. They played Madden on the PS2 when they weren't playing B-Ball. They also watched college and pro games on the big flat screen in The Stack so he certainly found his place for the week.

    The 8 year old picked and chose what activities he wanted to do in the lab. He did not spend a lot of time in there. He liked the sport activities when the kids in the lab went to the sports deck. He liked making flubber, he liked the dance under the stars party. They both enjoyed going down to Ocean Quest but the simulator either wasn't working or they couldn't use it most of the time. Neither one of them even asked about going to the arcade which was fine because they would have had limited money to spend anyway.

    Overall both boys said they enjoyed the sea days best. The islands were ok, they liked the beaches but not sight seeing. Report on port days to follow.
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    Jillmom, now I know who had the door sign, LOL. We were a few doors down from you going forward. We had similar door signs on two rooms right across from one another, did you see them? I was hoping I'd see you to ask you if you were from the Dis, but I never saw anyone coming from your room. Too bad. Glad you had a nice time. We really liked Efren, too. In fact, we left some clothes in our room and they just arrived in the mail yesterday thanks to him. :goodvibes

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