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Earning My Ears
Jan 19, 2002
Hello everyone,

I just found this board thanks to a helpful poster on a cruise only bb.

I was just wondering if anyone had ever stayed in a category 1-2 or 3 on Magic. I can't find pricing, but I can guess! What kind of service/amenities can one expect?

I have cruised with Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland America if you can draw comparisons.

Can you get dinner in your cabin?
Are the Adult Only areas enforced?
How can I sell my travelling partner on a ship without a casino?

Looking forward to ALL info (don't leave anything out, even if you think it's been said a thousand times, I'm new here :) )

See, I heard the ship's horn on our last cruise...and golly I wish I had been getting on!
The only question I can answer is about the price(and I am just copying this out of the 2000-2002 DCL book, so they are probably higher now. Anyway...

Category 1 for 7 night 3899-4799 per persn
Category 2....................3599-4499 pp
Category 3.....................2999-3799 pp

Just for comparison. A category 6 room (verandah, split bath, queen bed........................1349-2399 pp

Taxes and port charges are not included in these rates the book says.

The cat 3 prices are in line with what we pay for a suite on other lines...slightly higher, but I would say the Disney experience would be worth the premium.

Unfortunately, I read elsewhere that these cabins are very hard to get...we're thinking about it though!:)
We stayed in a category 1 on both of our cruises. Once was in the Walt Disney suite and the other time was in the Roy Disney suite. If you are interested you can e-mail me and I can send you some pictures. The category 1 - 3 suites are terrific, although a little expensive, but since you only live once, if you can swing the cost - go for it.
Originally posted by Lily1000

Can you get dinner in your cabin?
In Categories 1 - 3, yes.

I have cruised with Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland America... Are the Adult Only areas enforced?
We have a regular board participant named Inkkognito. She and her husband are currently on their 18th Disney cruise and they have 8 more scheduled during the next year. They're DINK's (double income, no kids) who have also sailed on other cruise lines including Royal Caribbean. They often comment on how much better Disney is about enforcing the adults-only areas of the ship compared to other cruise lines. And recent trip reports confirm that the staff is getting even better about this.

How can I sell my travelling partner on a ship without a casino?
Well, golly, there's so much to do onboard. As previously mentioned, they do a nice job of enforcing the adults-only areas. There are wonderful treatments available in the spa (click <a href="">here</a> for an essay describing one of the more popular treatments).

Although there is no casino onboad, they do have regular Bingo sessions which tend to be quite popular/addictive.

And there are casinos onshore at Nassau (3-day and 4-day cruises), Freeport (select 4-day cruises), and St Maarten (7-day cruises).

Plus, you can sell your travel partner on the other pleasures of the ship... the aestetic beauty of this retro-designed ocean liner. And the superior levels of service you can expect from Disney, especially if you're staying in Categories 1 - 3.

Looking forward to ALL info (don't leave anything out, even if you think it's been said a thousand times, I'm new here)
Well, I <b><i>always</i></b> recommend that every "newbie" should go to EntropyM's web site ( and download his "Magical Disney Cruise Guide". This is the most comprehensive compilation of unbiased DCL information in a single document. It's available in HTML, Microsoft Word, and plain ASCII text. We downloaded it and read it cover-to-cover.

And I have a fair amount of useful reference material at a web site that I maintain:

Barb (a.k.a. Inkkognito, previously mentioned) also maintains a web site that offers a wealth of reference material that my site does not:

All three sites are worth a look.

I heard the ship's horn on our last cruise...and golly I wish I had been getting on!
That horn is <b><i>SO</i></b> cool, isn't it? You can download a recording of it at Entropy's web site (previously mentioned).
One quick mention about the pricing - the published price in the Disney brochure is always discounted. I have NEVER paid the price in the brochure.
Thanks folks!

To Howard and Dave...I found your sites...fabulous!...especially loved the suite photos and the menu's.

To Annette...did your discounted price come from Disney directly or from a Travel Agent?

To the HORN...I spent 2 years as a TDS ASM and no matter how many times I heard the "when you wish upon a star" flourish, it got me every time...still does! (eventhough my career path took a different direction)
The "brochure rates" do not include Early Booking Savings. Most folks book early enough to get SOME savings, so that is why most prices are less than the brochure rate. There are also other promotional rates and discounts during off-peak seasons.

I've sailed in a Cat. 3 twice and it is a lovely experience. It's really not worth the huge difference in cost over other stateroom categories (in my opinion) but it is a wonderful splurge.

And welcome to the Cruise Board! :D
Most travel agents will quote you a price that's lower than the brochure price. And I've learned from experience that even the price they quote is negotiable! Shop around. Do a search for Disney discount travel agent and you'll get lots of hits. Try Dreams Unlimited (this site's sponsor). My best friend used them for her upcoming cruise and got a nice rate. As well as a lower price, you will find some agents using on-board credits, cash back, and gift checks (American Express Travel) as selling tools. For my upcoming land/sea vacation on DCL, I negotiated $250 on-board credit, $150 Amex credit, and $300 in Amex gift checks. I received the $150 Amex credit when I made my full and final payment on the trip and just yesterday when I rec'd my vacation papers, the $300 in gift checks (similar to travelers checks) were in the envelope. The on-board credit will be available for use when we get on the ship, and no doubt we WILL use all. (We also have an additional $100 on board credit that we rec'd because we are Castaway Club members and this is our 2nd cruise. You will receive an invite to join the Castaway Club after your first cruise. All in all, just shop around and compare prices and extras. We paid a slightly higher rate pp than did my best friend, but we also rec'd extras that when figured into the cost of the trip, we ultimately paid less than she did.
MTMom - You are my hero!!! I thought I was pretty slick with my $300 onboard credit from Platinum AMEX (my booking was too late to get the CC credit). Now I know I am just a wannabe lightweight (lol)!! I am amazed at the credits and rebates you received. Just out of curiosity ... what grade cabin did you book with all of this??
I booked the land/sea "adventure package" on my Amex card. We are in a level 6 cabin. I did leave out (so sorry) that I paid $149 (for the adventure package) in order to receive the $250 on-board credit. In my opinion though, if you're doing any of the 7 day programs (land/sea, or 7 day sea), why not spend $149 to get $250 on board credit? You ARE going to use all the credit, and more.

BTW, the land/sea adventure package offers a lot more freebies than just the on-board credit. Call your Amex travel agent or look back thru the boards to a thread that was called White Glove Treatment (I think). Feel free to ask me any more ?'s.


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