made out like a bandit!!!


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Jun 15, 2000
I am so excited to tell you how much we just made from our garage sale. Yea, it was ALOT of work (this was our 1st one). But, we made $600.00!!!!!Almost enough money for us to eat at DW for the whole week. Isn't that incredible? I didn't have any furniture or big items either. Just alot of nice childrens clothes and shoes (some Disney of course). Now all my neighbors know of my addiction. They couldn't believe that I had that many pairs of shoes for my two girls. Anyway I just had to share my wealth! My DD's couldn't wait to add the dollars and change to our Disney jar (Kentwood jug). 23 days to go~~ :D
And I'm sure you will never miss the items you sold, either!

It's amazing what we all could get rid of, if we would just do it!

Good Job!!

Have a do da day!

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Great job! Sounds like you did earn your money though! But your WDW meals will taste soooo much better, won't they?


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Would you believe that we had a yard sale Sat and Today, and if you dont include the furniture I sold , WE made $1452.,this was just off clothing old dishes,pots pans toys junk etc. If you do include the furniture we made $2952..
We still have more to go,any one want a dining set,sideboard,freezer,iron Yard furniture, picic table grill etc?????
All I can say is "Can I bow at your feet oh great master??"

The most I have made from a garage sale is $350, which is still really good to me for junk that I didnt need!! :D


Great news about your yard sales! I am getting ready for my anual yard sale! I have one every spring and usually make around 300.00. My daughter sells her toys and junk and always makes at least 100.00 also. All this money goes towards disney, of course! It is an easy way to turn junk into cash! My closets look alot neater when I'm done too!

Lil Mermaid had some great tips on doing a garage sale / yard sale. They're a lot of work, but I think that you'll get more money for your stuff.

Lil Mermaid's Garage Sale Tips

Personally, I sell clothes to consignment shops and on e-bay. What I don't sell there, I donate to the local free clothing center and Goodwill and take the deduction.

-- Robin
We realy worked hard for 3 weeks getting this yard sale together, YOu see we will be moving to FLA on May 1 and did not want to take alot of our extra stuff along with us, so in to a giant yard saale it went,
We sold over $100 worth of books at .25 each and 3 dressers worth of clothing, 2 sets of dishes,porch furniture,and LOTS of toys,bikes and camping gear,lighting and electrial supplies,
garden stuff,tools all the extras you end up with after 15+ years in a home.
It took 5 of us and was one of the longest weekends I have ever had.
WOW! I am getting ready for a garage sale in about 2 weeks. I hope I do as good as all of you. Any tips?
that is great - just incredible! I have never heard of someone making that much money. All my neighbors think I am the garage sale queen. You don't mind if I don't tell them that I am mearly a

great job
Jon :D


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