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    I am sure these were all answered, but everytime I try the search it shuts down my window. :confused3

    1. My party is Mother in law - Myself - DH - and DD who will be 16 by the time we cruise. We have requested late dining. Any idea on our dining rotation?

    2. When is Formal and Semi Formal on the Western?

    3. When is Pirate night on the Western?

    4. We are CC and can reservations soon-- can I make both Palo Brunch and Palo Dinner ahead of time?

    5. Is Palo Brunch offered everyday or did I read only on days at sea?

    Thanks for your help.
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    1. No guarantees but I believe convential wisdom would say LAP.
    2. Formal in on Monday night and Semi-Formal is on Thursday night.
    3. I believe Pirate Night is on Wednesday night.
    4. 90 days in advance for CC members. You can make 1 brunch and 1 dinner reservation in advance per stateroom.
    5. Brunch is offered on sea days and on the Western on Key West day because you do not get there until the afternoon so the morning is open for brunch.

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