Lots of questions? When should we go and whats the weather like?Value resorts instead

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    I have soooo many questions lol!

    Ok, We usually only go to disney/Or florida during the month of may because of the flower festival and the great weather! What other months have similar weather to may in florida? I was going to go this spring but couldn't get all the days off I needed. But, We still would like to go to disney this year. Hopefully someone knows when a good time to go is. Does disney always have lots of flowers in bloom? I loved the gardens during the past few years at epcot! So much great color! I'd like to go during a slower time so the lines at the rides arn't long. But I also want to go when they have most of the things open... Such as Carousel of Progress ,Liberty Square Riverboat, Jungle Cruise ,Pirates of the Caribbean .

    We would also like to go during either value or reg. Season.

    We have also only stayed at riverside everytime and we might want to try something new. What are the other moderates and value resorts like? Do you still get the great landscape and water views? I'm guessing you get the same choice of food from the snack lines/counter service. Or not?

    Whew, I just wanted to get all of that out there before I forgot.
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    Here are the "seasons":

    Value Season: Jan. 1 - Feb. 13; Aug. 3 - Oct. 1; Nov. 30 - Dec. 18
    Holidays: 1. Martin Luther King Weekend Jan. 18-20 (MLK)

    Regular Season: Mar. 30 - May 21; Oct. 2 - Nov. 29
    Holidays: 2. Thanksgiving Nov. 26-29

    So, you could go anytime this fall except during T-giving and be on Value or Regular season rates. If you could go in Sept, you can try to get in on the Free Dining promotion. Sept is not as crowded as some other times, but still very warm.

    You can never tell what will be down for refurb too far in advance. CoP is open year-round, Pirates was just closed for a quick rehab, so it should be open for the foreseeable future. Jungle Cruise is going down for a couple of weeks in May, so it should be open after that. Splash Mtn was down in January, Thunder Mtn was down last fall. I think most things will be open.

    We have stayed at CSR and POFQ and liked both. We like CSR a little better because we think the bus service is better. The pool at CBR is closed until mid-Sept for a major refurb. The pool at CSR is terrific. Check out pictures online and here at the DIS on the different resort threads and see what appeals to you. You can check out the menus for the resort food courts on the Dining tab at the top, or at allearsnet.com also.

    Have fun planning your trip!

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