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  1. pinipig523

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Headed to WDW tomorrow! We fly out of Dallas in the morning and get to WDW around lunch time. We have our schedule made out and first stop will be Epcot.

    We have a Disney Premier Visa Card that we've been using for some time and this is our 2nd time redeeming our reward points at WDW. It really helps and we think it's a good Visa card to have if you're a disney fan. Last year we had saved up $300 worth of rewards and used it on saving money on the tickets and food (it's much easier to have a rewards card to use instead of a credit card at the parks and restaurants since we felt that it was less exposure and less risk of identity theft).

    This year, for some reason, we have $740 of rewards! That'll cover 2 tickets w/ park hopper and some extra cash for food, too!

    We're so excited to be headed back!! 4th time in 5 years!!

    We're headed to the Waldorf in Orlando... we like that place because it's fancy, quiet, and comfortable.

    Just wanted to share... we're just so excited! :woohoo::cool2:
  2. mymickeyfans

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    Aug 3, 2011
    Have a great time:banana::banana::banana:!!!
    We just booked our second trip for this coming October!!! Hope the weather and crowds are perfect for you.

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