Looking For WDW Transportation Series TRAIN pin


Always Disney Dreaming!
Aug 20, 1999
I am new to pin trading so I don't really have any good pins to trade but here is my complete list:

Pin 696: Disney Store #63: Cruella DeVil Sealed
Pin 391: Disney Store #70: Sleeping Beauty Sealed
Pin 701: Disney Store #54: Ariel and Prince Eric Sealed

Pin 711: Disney Store #35: The Rescuers Sealed *TRADED*

Pin 397: Disney Store #77: Cinderella Sealed
Pin 400: Disney Store #64: Simba and Nala
Pin 549: Disney Store #81: Tinker Bell
Pin 399: Disney Store #17: A Bug's Life
Pin 2: Resort-Only 2000 Logo With Dancers On Original Backing
Pin 3: WDW 2000 Logo Fab-3 On Original Backing
Pin 4: MGM 2000 'On With The Show! On Original Backing
Pin 292: WDW Happy New Year 2000
Pin 3440: Happy New Year - 2001 - WDW In Original Plastic and on backing
Pin 2535: Canine Series: Jock On Original Backing
Pin 3363: Canine Series: Trusty On Original Backing
Pin 2208: Donald Duck Balloon Dangle Pin On Original Backing
Pin 4100: WDW Mar. 2001 POM Zodiac Aries --- Pluto On Original Backing

I am also open to any other trades for WDW pins. My DH and I collect Daisy Duck, Toy Story, WDW Resorts, "The Land" series, "Billboard" series, WDW attractions and many more. And one more thing, I will be in WDW next week and I'll be happy to look for any pin that is still available at that time. Thanx!
I have two of the transportation series, but not sure which ones right now. I am in work and don't have my pins with me. I know, I should carry them wherever I go just in case, but I was not a boy scout so I am NEVER prepared.
I will get back to you later.
I just decided to try for the Millenium series pins from TDS so we can work something out with those as traders. Peggie
I tried to send you an e-mail but your not accepting form this board. So please write me.
I have the pin you are looking for. Peggie


I fixed my e-mail and it is now enabled and you can e-mail me from the Boards. I wasn't even
aware that I had it turned off. Anyway I am still looking for the TRAIN pin. :) Thank you!!!

Hi Michelle!

Finally another pin trader from St. Louis! I have been all alone here for such a very long time! ;-) We'll have to get together for a meet someday. :bounce:

I finally got around to sending you an e-mail. the post went to the back page and I forgot. sorry Peggie


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