Longer at Universal or add Legoland?

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by PollyannaMom, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. PollyannaMom

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    May 16, 2006
    On our next trip to Florida, we will be primarily visiting relatives, but want to tack on a little theme park time as well. Our options are:

    A) Fly into Orlando, spend a couple of days at Universal (staying at one of their resorts), then drive out to relatives' house (about an hour from Orlando) and spend the rest of the trip there - with one day trip to see another relative.


    B) Fly in, but drive directly to relatives' house. Then do three day trips - one to Universal, one to the new Legoland park, and one to visit the other relative.

    The last time we went to Universal was right before the Harry Potter section opened, so that would be our main focus there. I'm wondering if we could do that section (and maybe throw in a couple of favorites from before) in one day, or if it is still so crowded that we would really need the benefits of staying on site?

    On the other hand, DS is 10 - and while he still loves Legos right now, I'm not sure if he will be aging out of that park's target audience by the next time we vacation in Florida. So maybe we should do that now?

    The crowd calendar for Universal lists slow and moderate days within our time slot. I'm sure Legoland will be busy, as it won't be too long after that park's opening.

    So what do you think?
  2. nytimez

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Why not ask your son? If he really wants to do Legoland, go for it. Personally, I'd spend more time at Universal. FWIW, you can do WWoHP in half a day -- or less -- even without staying on site.
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    Apr 12, 2005
  4. 4greatboys

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    If your son is 10 and loves Lego's then I would take a day and go to LegoLand. We'll be adding on a day there next time we go since I have 2 younger boys who Lego's. Honestly I think my 24 yr old would have a great time just walking around the park and seeing all the cool stuff they've done with Lego's.

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