Local non-DS that's more of a DS than a DS


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Jun 3, 2000
The Enchanted Castle:
A new Omaha-an opened a Disney collectable store in the old DS that closed in January.
She has MANY items, from Electrical parade blinking badges to a Mickey daybed.
Tables, chairs, large vases, tons of cells, lots of Mickey & Co, WDCC (with pins of course), plates, and large and small misc.
Even Villains (Maleificent) cookie jars, Dom!
One area has a TV playing Disney classic vidos, that of course also sells classic videos packages, and table top Disney books.
Not a real friendly store though. A large sign *greets* shoppers that states anyone entering is agreeing their packages and belongs can be searched. And there are the standard, you break, you buy signs.
The owner doesn't seem like a warm person. One of those stores you always feel closey watched.
I bought tow postcards -- one Lilo & Stitch and a TS.


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Jun 21, 2001
I'm just curious, what were the prices like? For example, if this store was selling a cel that you could get at WDW (like Viva La Hula, which sells for $295), was the price the same?


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Jun 3, 2000
I'll have to ask DH. He looked at the cells/prices.
I knew they were too high for my pocketbook, so I didn't bother looking too close. ;)
I know he mentioned some were $500+. One he described was from Roger Rabbit. And it was a cell that even had the (real/live) actor in it.
What I did notice was the prices were what you would expect to see in a store like that. Nothing a bargain or sale price.
It's just that she has a nice, wide variety.
She even carries current and back issues of Disneyana magazines and such.
I saw a Mickey & Co Minnie figurine that I bought at a Hallmark clearance sale for $8. She wanted $24.99.
She even sells Mickey luggage accessories. Really a nice selection, esp for around here. Just at regular mall/specialty store prices.
She even has Pooh figurines, plates, ornaments, etc.
Lots of very nice stuff, at very nice prices. ;)


Oct 22, 2000
I live in Omaha and noticed the store. I thought it must be Disney-owned. But it looks kind of shabby.

Is the merchandise there all new? Is she buying and selling like an antique store?

I seem to remember that some of the shop is still Disney-themed ... maybe the carpeting or the tile outside the store. I wouldn't think Disney would like that.


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Jun 3, 2000
The store is not Disney, and the DS want everyone to know that! ;)
I forgot to look, but a CM told me she even has employee badges similar to CM badges. The bubble on the bottom is missing is all.
I saw a few of the Mickey and Co display items were chipped/damaged. (The items not in glass cases.) If I was buying that product in a box, I would look it over carefully.
I didn't think it looked shabby. Even the carpet looked new. But when I was there just last week (evening), carpenters were still building displays. So I think the store is still a work in progress.
Most everything is in nice looking glass cases/displays. (More for security reasons, I am sure.)
But when I saw the Minnie figurine I bought as a discontinued item LAST YEAR, I wondered then if what she has done was buy end of lots.
But that can be a good thing. It is probably your last chance to buy this item if you saw it before.
I have to say it was nice to watch/hear Mary Poppins, rather than Disney commercials like now play in the DS.
This store was more like I remember DS how they USE to be.


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Sep 14, 2000
Does she have a website? Did you see any luggage tags? I'd like to find some that have characters but don't necessarily advertise one park or another.



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