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    Dec 27, 2007
    Our family is making our first trip to Universal next weekend We are staying onsite at the HRH for 3 nights, have 3 day, park to park tickets. Plan on spending first day at US, second at IOA (with early entry for WWoHP) and third doing fav rides at each park before checking out and heading to WDW for remainder of trip.

    A few questions:

    1)For the WDW portion of the trip, I have detailed touring plans for what rides to ride on at what times. Do I need to adhere as much to a touring plan for Universal, since we have Universal Express through the onsite stay? With the exception of the few rides that don't have UE, which we will ride first thing at park opening, that is.

    2)How busy is 3 Broomsticks at lunch on a Monday (Oct 1st) I really want to eat there, but according to my touring plan, we will be across the park in Toon Lagoon around lunchtime. Dh will be plenty sore at me if we walk all the way across the park to wait in line at 3 Broomsticks for an hour simply because I want to eat there for lunch!:rolleyes2

    3) any other tips/suggestions for us? We will be splitting up a lot - boys to thrill rides, girls to play areas, kiddie rides and hunting for characters (dd loves characters)

    Thanks - we are so excited!
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    Oct 28, 2009
    1. Not at all. I'd wager you will be very pleasantly surprised.

    2. No different than any other location at lunch these days. Go outside of normal lunch hours and the wait will likely be nonexistent. I'm pretty certain you won't be waiting an hour no matter what time you go.

    3. Have fun. You have plenty of time to see and do everything you'll want, and likely more.
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    Jan 19, 2009
    I'm anxious to here your experience at Universal. We are going with our 2 daughters Oct. 14th for three days, and staying at HRH.

    The planning seems a lot different, and I feel like I've done nothing.

    Do you think you will write a quick trip report after going?

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