List of Chat room emotions for chatters using JAVA, html or a MAC


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Feb 15, 2000
For those chatters who use java or html in chat, or if you use a Mac, here is a list of the emotions that you can use.

As a reminder to use these emotions without ichat:

type a slash / and then them emotion. For example if you want to smile you would type: /smile

To direct an emotion to another person:
type a slash /
the emotion
one space
and the name

For example if I wanted to smile at Snuggles, I would type: /smile Snuggles

Hope these are helpful for you.

You go “ACK”

You admonish yourself earnestly/You admonish someone earnestly

You agree whole-heartedly/You agree with someone whole-heartedly

You apologize/You apologize to someone

You applaud fervently/You applaud someone fervently

You bat your eyelashes/You bat your eyelashes at someone

You beam/You beam at someone

You beg like a dog

You bite your tongue/You bite someone

You go “BLEAH”/You go “BLEAH” at someone

You blink in disbelief/You blink at someone in disbelief

You blush in embarassment/You blush at someone in embarassment

You boggle at the concept

You bop yourself on the head/You bop someone on the head

You are bored/You are bored with someone

You bounce/You bounce someone

You bow gracefully/You bow to someone gracefully

You poke yourself in the ribs with a bone crushing sound/You poke someone in the ribs with a bone crushing sound

You say “Be Right Back”

You throw your head back, cackling with glee/You throw your head back cackling with glee at someone

You attempt to calm yourself/You attempt to calm someone

You caper around/You caper around someone

You cheer enthusiastically/You cheer for someone enthusiastically

You chortle demonically

You chuckle/You chuckle at someone

You clap briefly/You clap for someone briefly

You collapse/You collapse on someone

You attempt to comfort yourself/You attempt to comfort someone

You consider your options/You consider someone’s options

You cough noisily/You cough on someone

You cower in fear/You cower away from someone

You crack your knuckles/You crack your knuckles at someone

You cringe in terror

You crumple into a heap

You cry pathetically/You cry pathetically on someone

You curtsey demurely/You curtsey to someone demurely

You swirl yourself around the room, dancing/You swirl someone around the room dancing

You fall over dead

You disagree/You disagree with someone

You attempt to delude yourself, finding it quite easy/You attempt to delude someone

You drum your fingers/You drum your fingers on someone

You duck out of the way/You duck out of someone’s way

You turn green with envy/You turn green with envy over someone

You excuse yourself/You excuse someone

You eye the situation appraisingly/You eye someone

You faint dead away

Gi\\You fiddle around/You fiddle around with someone

You flex your muscles/You flex your muscles at someone

You flip head over heels/You flip for someone

You flirt/You flirt with someone

You fold your arms across your chest

You frown/You frown at someone

You start fuming/You start fuming at someone

You gag/You gag someone

You gape in utter disbelief/You gape at someone in utter disbelief

You gasp in astonishment/You gasp at someone in astonishment

You gaze at the sky with wide innocent eyes/You gaze at someone with wide innocent eyes

You gibber/You gibber at someone

You giggle inanely/You giggle inanely at someone

You glare stonily into space/You glare at someone

You gloat

You grimace/You grimace at someone

You grin evilly/You grin at someone evilly

You grind your teeth nervously/You grind your teeth nervously at someone

You groan loudly/You groan at someone

You grovel/You grovel before someone

You growl a warning/You growl a warning at someone

You grumble/You grumble at someone

You grunt/You grunt at someone

You gulp fearfully/You gulp fearfully at someone

You gripe at the world in your best impersonation of Hazel/You grip at someone in your best impersonation of Hazel

You hiccup

You hide from the world/You hide from someone

You hop around/You hop around someone
You give everyone a big hug/You hug someone

You hum a cheery tune/You hum a cheery tune to someone

You jump up and down/You jump up and down on someone

You kick the ground angrily/You kick someone

You kiss/You kiss someone

You laugh hysterically/You laugh at someone

You leer/You leer at someone

You listen/You listen to someone

You meditate/You meditate over someone

You melt/You melt on someone

You grin a maniacal grin...the kind that gets people locked up

You grin mischievously/You grin at someone mischievously

You mock everyone ruthlessly/You mock someone ruthlessly

You mumble something under your breath/You mumble something under your breath about someone

You nod solemnly/You nod at someone

You nudge everyone in the side/You nudge someone in the side

You object poignantly

You pace around the room/You pace around someone

You panic

You pat everyone on the head/You pat someone on the head

You peer quizzically off into space/You peer at someone

You peter out

You wipe your brow in relief

You pin everyone/You pinch someone

You plead/You plead with someone

You point into empty space/You point at someone

You poke everyone in the chest/You poke someone in the chest

You ponder thoughtfully/You ponder someone

You pout/You pout at someone

You putz around/You putz around with someone

You look puzzled/You look puzzled by someone

You quiver

You raise an eyebrow/You raise an eyebrow at someone

You recoil in horror/You recoil from someone in horror

You relax/You relax with someone

You roll your eyes/You roll your eyes at someone

You ruffle your hair playfully/You ruffle someone’s hair playfully

You give a crisp military salute/You give a crisp military salute to someone

You scold everyone harshly/You scold someone harshly

You scratch your head/You scratch someone’s head

You scream loudly/You scream loudly at someone

You shake your head/You shake your head at someone

You shiver/You shiver away from someone

You shrug helplessly/You shrug at someone

You shudder

You sigh deeply/You sigh at someone

You sit down/You sit down by someone

You slap yourself awake/You slap someone

You fall fast asleep/You fall fast asleep at the sight of someone

You smack your lips/You smack someone

You smile/You smile at someone

You smirk/You smirk at someone

You smooch everyone/You smooch someone

You snap your fingers/You snap your fingers at someone

You snarl angrily/You snarl angrily at someone

You sneer disdainfully/You sneer disdainfully at someone

You sneeze/You sneeze on someone

You snicker/You snicker at someone

You sniff/You sniff at someone

You snivel pathetically/You snivel pathetically at someone

You snore loudly/You snore boorishly at someone

You snort derisively/You snort derisively at someone

You sob/You sob on someone

You squeeze everyone fondly/You squeeze someone fondly

You squint your eyes maliciously/You squint your eyes at someone maliciously

You squirm/You squirm away from someone

You stagger drunkenly/You stagger drunkenly towards someone

You stand up/You stand up for someone

You stare into space dreamily/You stare at someone dreamily

You look startled/You look startled by someone

You steam in silence/You steam at someone in silence

You stomp your foot/You stomp on someone’s foot

You wave at everyone/You wave at someone

You wink at everyone/You wink at someone


~*Snoopy Fan Forever*~
May 15, 2000
:bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

Finally found this! :) Bumping since I haven't seen it in so long! :)


Dec 28, 1999
I forget how to smile sometimes.......thanks for the reminder


DIS Veteran
Mar 19, 2002
Way Cool! This is actually useful to anyone using the chat, even with the plugin, as they don't have definitions, just the keywords. :D


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