list of areas in all 4 parks that toddler can play/run/ get out of stroller?

Halley Fitz

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Nov 7, 2018
I have tried to look on maps, but not sure if I am finding anything labeled as such.

I just want to have a few places in my back pocket that I know
I can take my walking almost 11 month old to play and have some time out of the stroller while We are in the parks.

Any suggestions?



Jul 12, 2012
I don’t have a comprehensive list and haven’t been to the parks in a few years, but here’s some ideas to start with

Tom Sawyer’s Island
Dumbo playground (while waiting for the ride)
The train splash area near Dumbo in FL
Play area under the bridge at Splash Mt (gets crowded though)
Not a play area, but the Swiss Family Robinson is a walkthrough and basically never has a wait.

Mine like taking the train to the walking exhibits at Rafiki Planet Watch.

Lots to see at Seas area, walking to look at all the fish. Plus there is a small indoor play area.
Mine in general like walking around World Showcase, something at each country. They like the instruments at the Outpost and Kidcot stops, if still offered.

We used to do the Honey I Shrunk the Kids area, but I’m no help as there have been so many updates here since we’ve been last.

Deb & Bill

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Mar 20, 2000
I thought Tom Sawyer's Island was currently closed as will be Rafiki's Planet Watch.


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Dec 5, 2015
Not at MK but near, there is a nice playground at the campground which is a short boat ride from MK.

It includes, swings and slides... my girls love it. The other thing we like is it is very low key, not much noise, and not over stimulating. We normally make dinner reservations at trails end and let the kids run off energy before and after too.

Betty Rohrer

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May 19, 2010
Thank you sooo much!!!! This really helps
the small one under the bridge near Splash Mt gets very crowded plus is very small had a toddler run over by an older child who was not being watched closely. I would be very careful there with young walker


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