Limo service


Jan 29, 2001
Has anyone evr taken a limo? I am leaving airport and going to Hard Rock Hotel for 5 days and then to the asmo for 14 days and wondered if it was really expensive and if you still mget the grocery store stop
we used tiffiny town car 2 years ago and they were great. we had a coupon from their web site and it was about 60 bucks round trip (as we were in the disney mood we gave 20 tip both ways). both drivers were excellent and the limos were clean. if you request they will stop at the supermarket. we got the big throw away cooler and some hooch and were set. any way, they were very good and profesional.
On our trip this month, we used Tiffany to go from the Swan at WDW to HRH and then from the HRH to the airport. Cost was $70 and worth every cent. No worries and no fuss. Call them and discuss what you would like to do and they will quote you what it will cost. I think their toll free number is 1-888-838-2161.


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