Life Time Refills


Did I miss a meal?
Jul 29, 2001
While in FW 3 years ago I bought a 20oz coffee mug in the trading post in the center of the CG. At the time the CM advised it was refillable for life. Well let me tell you I STILL HAVE THE MUG and I am warming it up for use if you know what I mean. Does the CG still do that? Please tell me yes.

Only 7 days to go.

That's one of the most hotly debated topics ever on these boards. Some CMs say that they're good forever and at other resorts, some say you can use them forever at that resort only, and others say they're only for that trip. I wouldn't worry about someone asking you not to use it because I'm not sure if I've ever read about that happening.
Many moons ago we purchased several of the Trails End mugs, and we have used them on all subsequent trips. That's the advantage of getting them, and I don't think you'll have a problem!

167 days to go
You can buy these mugs at the CG stores then? Where do you get them refilled? Only 16 days till we leave.



I have seen the mugs in the Trading Posts, I think all you can get there is coffee. The ones from TE can get you coffee, fountain drinks, and (yummy!) pink lemonade.

Howdy from a fellow Tennessean--wherebouts in TN ya from? Middle TN here, east of Nashville.

167 days to go and y'all with 7 and 16 days are killing me!
Thanks Barbara! We are from Chattanooga and really looking forward to our trip. We have nevered stayed at Walt disney and have only visited on single day basis years ago.

We bought our mugs many years ago, and we bring them along on every trip and they refill them for us, no questions asked! :D

At the Meadows Trading Post you can fill them with coffee, tea and cocoa.

At the Trail's End Buffet, they will fill them for you with the above hot beverages, plus pop or pink lemonade. But, you have to stand at the counter and have them do it for you. They will not fill them if you are eating the restaurant.


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