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Mar 8, 2001
I work in a shoe department for Nordstroms. All i can say about all this teva talk and shoe talk sandal talk is that evryone has different feet. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT FEET. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO not all brands fit the same.

In my opinion according to my feet, TEVA's suck. Suck bad they are cheap and theres not too much to them. I have some HAVANA JOE sandals that i love that my feet love. But im sure some else thinks they suck.

When it comes to your feet everything must be taken into account when it comes to fit. Width, instep, high arch low arch no arch narrow wide and the other foor differences people have. You have to just try on different brands and find one thats good for you. Im just saying this cause i get worried reading THIS (BRAND) IS THE THE THE THE BEST!!!!!! there are a ton of brands out there try on one of each. AND if nothing else works MEPHISTO sells a pair of sandals called the SHARK only 230$'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I gotta agree with you on this one...Teva's work the best for me. I listened to people Rave about birkies and they suck the big whazoo! the worst pair I have ever owned! I wasted 85 bucks too!
easy spirits are made by nine west and they suck too. what do you know about clarks? and chaukkas?(SP?)YOu are the first shoe salesperson who have ever said that about teva's and I have been to many shoe stores.....the mephistos' they sell them at the walking store too! I have a pair I wore to work at the tkt cntr at the airport and I have to admit they were very good for all that standing and walking I had to do. $198! they were on sale!(but the warrenty and guarantee I got on them was pretty good. still have it in fact)

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I agree. My feet are narrow and while I loved the Easy Sprit Mach 1`s, I hate all of the other models, especially the "dotted" insole. I have foot pain and need a cushiony sole with flexibility and side support. Hard to find these days. I have been trying on shoes for weeks hoping to find some tennis/walking type shoes. No narrow widths available and when I do find one it is always plain white. I am sick of wearing nurses shoes. I want color like everyone else. At disneyworld my feet would hurt with anything except a good firm shoe. Anyone know of a brand that has narrow widths and are soft too?

Have you tried this store in the malls called the walking store? they have all kinds from narrow to extra wide. and they carry a lot. they are also knowledgeable and would never tell you a shoe sucks don't buy it. they have a way with being nice about it. they will tell you the pros and cons of each and every shoe out there. they also stand behind what they sell.they as salespeople don't let their personal opinin get in the way of what shoe is best for what person. did you know that they actually have a shoe out that is made specifically for people who walk on the sides of their feet?



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