Less expensive way to go???


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May 19, 2000

The last time I went to Disney I got some great help from here. Well, it's that time again and I have a question. . . .

Which way is the least expensive -

1. Booking everything all inclusive - hotel and length of stay passes

2. Booking the hotel separately and then buying 5 or 7 day park hopper passes

We will only be going to the four major parks and we are staying at the Contemporary. I already have reservations for April 20, but started wondering if it would be cheaper to split it up. I have AAA and American Express for discounts. There will be four of us, myself, dh and 2dd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Aug 20, 2000
The best idea may be to compare the cost of both methods. You most likely will find that booking separately will save you some money. I booked an all inclusive once, before I knew any better and have never done so since. (Also, circumstances have changed. I have joined the DVC since the first EXPENSIVE all inclusive purchase).


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Feb 11, 2001
Packages are never the least expensive way to go. Book everything separately yourself. Check Mousesavers and see if discounts are available when you are going. Keep checking and you'll do great!