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    I went to Legoland today with my homeschool group and thought I would write up a little report. We were there from opening (10:00 am) to about 3:30 pm (it closes at 6:00. Parking is $12 for a car, cash or credit. The parking lot is fairly well marked so you should not lose your car, and there are attendants to help you park Disney-style. There is no parking tram. There is a small bathroom on the left before you enter the gates. There is no bag-check.

    My kids are 4 years old (39" tall) and 16 months (30" tall). Children under 36" can't do much at all. There is a double-decker carousel that babies can go on, and there is a Duplo play area for toddlers. In the Duplo area there is a Baby Care Center. It is somewhat hidden, but an employee (team member?) came out and told me about it when she saw us come into the toddler area. The Baby Care center was very nice - 4 nursing rooms with curtains for privacy, at least four changing tables, a microwave, high chairs, sinks, and hand sanitizer. Also a Lego table, of course!

    We had a bit of a rough time switching off to take our daughter on rides and someone staying with our son, so we did not get to many rides. We spent a lot of time in the Cypress Garden area, which was beautiful. The driving school is also a very popular attraction for ages 6-12(?) and at one time today I was told it had a 2 hour wait! There is also a jr. driving school for ages 3-5 that my daughter loved! Although the age requirement was frequently overlooked - the line would get full of older kids, and the team members asked each child their age before they could go get a car to make sure that only the 3-5 year olds were riding. Most of the attractions have a height to ride at all, and a height to ride unaccompanied. The height to ride unaccompanied is 48" on most of them. But, if the child is smaller, they do not have to be accompanied by an adult. My daughter rode a few rides with my friend's 11 year old daughter.

    Because we were with a school group we could have brought a cooler for lunch - they normally do not allow coolers. But, we decided to eat there. There were several burger places, but we are not fans of fast food burgers, so we chose the Lakeside Sandwich Shop. The sandwiches were good - but expensive!!! For the four of us, we got 3 sandwiches, 3 side items (1 bag of chips, 1 cookie, and 1 muffin), and 1 1/2 pint of milk (we brought bottled water), and after tax it was $27!!! On the way in we passed a pizza and pasta buffet, which said it was $10.99 per adult and $6.99 per child (I'm guessing ages 3-12 because that is the age for the child ticket) before tax. We could have gotten that for nearly the same price and it included drinks. For a treat I tried the apple fries, which are baked fry-style cuts of apples with cinnamon sugar, served with a side of whipped cream. $5 and very good.

    Overall, it was fun, and we will go back when our homeschool group goes back, but honestly I cannot see myself paying the full price, particularly when I have a little one who can't do anything.
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    Thank you for your report :thumbsup2

    We are interested in doing a Sea World/Legoland trip next summer since we did an exclusively WDW trip this past August. I think my kids would love Legoland but we are on the fence about going to Legoland for several reasons: the distance/drive from the Orlando area which is where we would most likely be staying due coming into town from the Orlando airport and wanting to stay close to the Sea World area, having to make the hour long drive to Winter Haven twice since we would most likely want to do two days in Legoland since they are adding the water park (plus in the summer months we would need more time due to crowds and we would move at a slower pace due to the heat), and lastly the slow loading rides/long wait times that I've read a lot about. I am sure we could probably get a good discount or promotional offer for the park tickets, but the logistics of getting there from Orlando (especially for two days) is what concerns us the most. Since we would be coming from PA, we would most likely have to combine our visit to Legoland with another theme park visit (Sea World or WDW) because of the expense of traveling so far to get to Orlando, so this kind of trip would be a bit of a challenge to plan. Thanks again for your report.

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