Last minute SSR Trip - some observations

Discussion in 'DVC Trip Reports' started by mrsswat, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. mrsswat

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    Jan 25, 2004
    When I say last minute, I mean LAST minute. We called Monday and arrived Tuesday for 4 nights :thumbsup2. When we checked in Tuesday night, around 7PM, a very nice cast member told us we had not been assigned a room yet, probably because of the last minute booking. Thus, we could pick any of the sections, except The Springs, as most of these units were scheduled for the refurb. OK, we picked Congress Park, as we were hoping to walk to Downtown Disney. He picks up the phone, makes a phone call, turns back to us and tells us the only thing available is in the Springs:confused3 OK, we say, then wait, turns out they can put us in Congress Park, double :confused3 but OK, we'll take it. We were in 1412, closest building the Downtown, 4th floor. View from balcony was stictly trees, barely even a view of anything else, including the sky my husband commented, even thru the trees. They really ought to be able to do something about that. Room was spotless, yay mousekeeping. Room nicely re-done, except they left in place a fridge that had visible rust along the outside top and bottom. Not sure why that wasn't replaced. 4 days we were in the bldg, 4 days I called to report ice machine not working. Not even a sign put on it that it was out of order, even after calling every day. But every day when I called they thanked me for reporting it :rolleyes1. One day we received a message that our building was going to be powerwashed the next day, don't leave anything on the balcony. I really appreciated this message, as last year we were at the BWV, were not notified of washing, DH and I returned from where ever we were, took our libations and sat on balcony chairs, only to have both of our shorts ruined because they must use some type of bleaching agent in the mix. Our balcony was not powerwashed the entire stay at SSR, despite the message. DH said they must only wash the visible units, ::yes:: Pleasant CMs all around!!

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Refurb in THE SPRINGS, when is that happening?
  3. Idreamodisney247

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    Jun 29, 2008
    Were there any unique disneyesque refurbishments you could see in the room? ie; hidden mickey's, etc. I just became a DVC member yesterday and I am so eager to know.
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    We were in Congress Park a couple years ago on a last minute trip too. My DH had the same issue with the trees. We faced a little canal and the DVC presentation building, but really couldn't see them. It was an unpleasant view to say the least. It would be nice if they either trimmed or replaced the trees with something that did not grow so tall and leafy.
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    Interesting about the power washing....overall it sounds like they had a lot of miscommunication during your stay.

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