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May 9, 2000
My DH has just been asked last minute by his brother to join him and his kids an an unusual trip (?!). They will be flying to LA and picking up an RV to drive back to Kansas City for Cruise America. The RV is free - they are providing the "service" of driving it back for the company. My DH is going because his sister-in-law is recuperating from mono and too weak to go!
ANYWAY, should they stay in a RV park near DL and shuttle to or park in DL each day (over Easter weekend, can you imagine?!), or try to find a hotel at this late date close to DL? Any suggestions? I know this is a crazy scenario!!
Is there a possibility that it will be so crowded this weekend that they won't even be able to get into the park? We have only been to WDW, never to DL, so I am clueless here. Any advice appreciated - thanks!! :eek:
Grumpybashful...I have been to Disneyland too many times to count. I just was there in October. The parking is even smaller than before because of the new California Adventures theme park. I really don't know anything about the RV parking, except to say at Easter everything is CROWDED!! There are some excellent "little" motels right near by if you can be lucky enough to get a room. They are all within walking distance. The AAA travel guide for anaheim is very useful in the hotel department, also the southwest vacations site (, click on vacations) has info about all the local hotels/motels. If I were to guess, I would say parking is a nightmare at Easter.
nutz4wdw - thanks for your honest opinion! This is driving me crazy because I plan our trips to WDW very carefully. My BIL planned this trip and made NO reservations for Easter weekend, with an RV - can you imagine? Anyway, my DH is now in the picture, so I'm going to try to reserve them something where they can park the RV for 2 nights.
Thanks again - g&b

Parking has turned into a nightmare for most of us at DL, however RV parking is next to the new parking structure in part of what use to be the Pinnochio parking lot. They really try to make sure that the majority of those spots are left for RVs.

That said, the Disneyland Hotel is running for $150 on Saturday April 14 on travelscape (Paradise Pier was $120, but that rate has sold out), and on Travelocity DH is $170 and PP is $150. I am sure the new hotel is pretty close to being sold out, and rooms there usually start around $234 with a AAA discount. Advantage to staying on property: Early admission and if they have to close the gates (like at Christmas/New Year's time last year) it has been my experience that resort guests get in and out without any problems.

Now if they would only buy some more property and build our own version of a Ft. Wilderness resort to hide the concrete jungle around Disneyland!!! :D

I hope they have fun!!!

Ohhhh, and how did they get to do the RV thing for free? Very cool!!!


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