Last Day Hint...


Dec 6, 2000
Last July, we had the Resort Magic Plan. With that comes admission to Disney Quest. Our flight wasn't leaving until 8pm on our last day. We decided to save our admission to Disney Quest until the last day. We were able to kill 3 hours in there. It was lots of fun for an afternoon that could have been spent at the airport.

Any other last day hints?
We always have a late departure (9:10 PM) this year.

We checkout in the morning, have our baggage stored and treat the day like any other, we just make sure to leave the park / resort 2 1/2 hours before our flight.

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<FONT color=darkblue size=2>Feb 1995 - Caribbean Beach</FONT>
<FONT color=cadetblue size=2>Feb 1997 - Port Orleans</FONT>
<FONT color=darkred size=2>Nov 1997 - Offsite</FONT>
<FONT color=darkgoldenrod size=2>Feb 2000 - Dixie Landings</FONT>
<FONT color=orangered size=2>Nov 2001 - All Star Movies </FONT>
We always drive to WDW so on the last day before leaving for home, we always take the kids to a special character breakfast. They really seem to enjoy it and talked about it for a long ways down the road.


"The Twins"
We usually have a 2pm or so flight so we make an early PS at Tony's at MK, have a great breakfast and hit all of our favorite rides one last time - it's become such a tradition that it actually gives us one thing to look forward to on our last day!


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