Last Chance for a Summer Vacation Experience- August 2016 Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change Challenge


Meow meow
Jun 30, 2004
Happy end of August! I'll be seeing you on the September board - and maybe even be better about writing too! I did reach my goal - started at 199.0 and finished at 193.0. I was elated last night when I hopped onto the Higi chair at the grocery store (you know, those things that take your blood pressure and weight??) Before it always told me my blood pressure was at risk and I was Obese. Now it's proclaimed my blood pressure is Normal and I'm in the overweight category with a 29.6 BMI. Very happy about that! August was a month of rediscovering how strong I am. It's so easy to fall into a I can't do that slump - especially as you get older and I just hit 45...

For September:
I've joined my SILs gym in order to meet with her trainer and get some strength training with weights going
I've joined another challenge for which you CANNOT go over your calorie goal and must get in 20 minutes minimum exercise each day or concede defeat! :) The competitor in me loves these things!

Good luck in September guys!


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Jul 29, 2014
What have you learned about yourself this month and how will it help you going forward?
I have learned that it is so easy to get off track - and when I get off track I get completely off. I was thinking this morning though - about how I am feeling right now compared to last month and am realising that I feel better generally when I have some more activity in my life - that is a big thing for me as I have been a lounge lizard for sooo long and shunned most activity.

I was always strategically putting a kid in front of me or hiding behind a sign or in a big jacket/sweatshirt or taking the photos from bustline up only
This made me laugh - this is so me.

Good-bye was super hard, as expected. I gave him a hug and a kiss, through the early tears, and then turned away to give him a minute to say good-bye to his girlfriend.... and he came up behind me and grabbed me and held me super hard..... that really got the water-works going. I think it was his way of saying everything he couldn't. I'm crying again just telling the story.
This made me cry! Looks like he is going to miss you as much as you are going to miss him Pamela - what a great man you seem to have raised.


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Oct 21, 2003
Morning all! I realize that it is now September and I need to move my chatter over there! So I'll see you all there! Bring a friend along if you would like! The more, the merrier!..............P


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