Last Chance for a Summer Vacation Experience- August 2016 Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change Challenge


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Aug 22, 2002
to your last chance for a summer vacation. All of us know how when August comes it is almost back to school and there is little chance to take a vacation.Let's take a quick trip to Disney World and see some of the people and experiences that you can have in Disney World.

We will be seeing different characters and going to some fun places this month.

We shall start in the Magic Kingdom on August 1st.


Wife, mother, math teacher, quilter
Aug 22, 2002
This month we are CHALLENGING ourselves to make real PROGRESS on this journey to be slimmer and healthier. Participating is EASY! All you need to do is decide on your goal (5 pounds off, maintenance mode, 10K steps a day, etc) and devise a PLAN to reach that goal.

Share your progress with us along the way and watch the color of your name change throughout the month!


1% -10%
11% - 20%
21% - 30%
31% - 40%
41% - 50%
51% - 60%
61% - 70%
71% - 80%
81% - 90%
91% - 99%

100% OR MORE!

It will be up to YOU to decide on your goal, your plan, and to report your progress either here on the thread or through a private message every weekend - I'll accept progress reports anytime Friday through Sunday, but will try to update the list of participants every Monday morning.

If you have multiple goals for the month (example: "I plan to walk 30 minutes a day AND I plan to drink 64oz of water a day") please EITHER pick one goal to use for your progress reports OR average them both together when giving your report. It's just much easier for tracking this way. If you only use one of your goals for progress reports, that doesn't mean we don't want to hear how you're doing on your other goals!


Wife, mother, math teacher, quilter
Aug 22, 2002
Now is the time to join in on the challenge and become a "Cast Member"!

Here is the official list of our WISH "Cast Members" for this month's challenge:

Future Disneyland Plaids - Is Your Name Here?
September: @4Mickeys
October: @Lady Marie
November - December: ??????
  • verleniahall

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    Aug 5, 2013
    Im in for 5 pounds lost in August!

    I am on Weight Watchers and will continue to work my program. I weigh in on Sunday so will post my weight going into the month then :)

    Edited to add: Weighed in at 280.2 - my goal on August 28th is to be 275.2 - that is exactly 5 lbs
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    Oct 29, 2003
    My goal is 5lbs! Hopefully should be easy since I've gained about 5 last month.

    Summer is hard. I'm so off schedule w kids stuff. More eating out or treats and less me time for work outs.

    My birthday - is in about 15 minutes!!! I have lunch plans, dinner plans, cake , then my sons bday on August 1!
    Too much food this week.

    My goal is to wake up on my bday morning and get my workout done! I have not done anything in maybe a month. Yuck.

    My plan is to start to regain my focus. My son starts band camp this month so all of our busy days and being out w food temptations should hopefully be coming to an end.


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    Nov 1, 2013
    Can I join too please!

    Reach my goal for July so the goal for August will keep it up. Same weight loss goal too - 2kg. I am 4 kg away from my final goal, so the last few could be little slower but it will be lovely to reach my goal for August too.

    Summer & sun - being outdoors is great so I plan to make use of it
  • 4Mickeys

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    Jul 29, 2014
    I'm in! Can't wait to see some WDW as I have never been :D I'll be back tomorrow I need to think about my goal....


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    Nov 30, 2007
    I'm in. I'm going to up my step goal from 70,000 steps per week to 77,000 per week. I am also going to really try to track my food, but that won't be my official goal.
  • Flossbolna

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    Sep 8, 2006
    Happy August everyone!! I hope to be back more regularly this month!

    My goal for the month will be to lose 1.5 kg. Not a lot, but there will be a lot going on this month, so I hope I can still make it count!


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    Aug 22, 2002
    Good Morning Glad to see people here. It is Aug 1 and the last month before summer unofficially ends.

    Let's start the vacation.

    The leader for this vacation to Disney World is none other than Mickey himself. He is the first person you probably want to see when you get to the MK so we will start with him.

    IMAG0207 (640x535).jpg

    This is my nephew on the left and my two sons with the head guy.

    P1000677 (640x640).jpg

    Here am I this past Oct having dinner with Mickey and his friends at the Land

    Question of the Day

    Mickey is someone we all have known our entire lives. We know his history.

    Please introduce yourself for those new people and tell us your goals for the month.



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    Oct 3, 2013
    I took a much needed break from this but I'm ready to get back in the game! I've been gaining and losing the same 5ish pounds. I'm ready to get back in and lose those last 20 pounds that i'm hanging on to.

    My name is Paige. I live in Kansas City and I have a black and white kitten child named Nancy. I've lost about 50 pounds over the last year and I've been doing these challenges for a while. I had to take a few months off while I was working through my divorce. That's still an ongoing process but I'm ready to get back into a routine and back to my normal self.

    My goal is to lose 4 pounds this month. I think that's doable. My only problem is that I've somehow managed to injure my leg while running and I'm a little afraid it's going to sideline me which is not good because I have 2 back-to-back half marathons in October.

    My obstacle this month is going to be sticking to my plan. I've let myself relax which is not a bad thing because sometimes you need that!

    I'm excited to be back on these boards. I've missed you guys!

    My instagram name is paigevader!


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    Aug 5, 2013
    Im Lena - 28 (29 NEXT MONTH!) - From Kansas!

    My goal for the month is to loose 5 pounds and walk a minimum of 2 hours everyday - 1 hour on my lunch and dividing 1 hour between 4 slots at work of 15 minutse each - more if I am slow!

    I am currently following the Weight Watchers program and finding success with that! I am in the "turtle club" which means the weight is coming off slowly, but staying off!

    I am the wife of a US Solider - so my life can turn direction at any point and me be at home alone, so I am working on figuring out how to cook for one!

    I am looking forward to another challenge month with ya'll!


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    Jul 8, 2014
    Question of the Day

    Mickey is someone we all have known our entire lives. We know his history.

    Please introduce yourself for those new people and tell us your goals for the month.
    Hello everyone - welcome to August! I can't believe we're in the 8th month of the year and the Olympics are almost here! :D (Side note: I'm really excited for the Olympics this year because they're in RIO and I have a hunch the opening ceremony on Friday will be beautiful with all of the costumes and festivities. Plus, OLYMPICS.).

    I'm Courtney :wave: I've been included in these challenges for a year now and they're great for accountability. If you're on the fence about joining - please join! You'll be amazed at how a support group can really keep you motivated to reach your goal. My goals over the last year have changed a bit - I've reached my goal weight and am in maintenance mode. Went from 215 pounds to a happy 140 and now am running half marathons! I'm located in Southern California - about 15 minutes from Disneyland... so you can guess what we do in our spare time? :P

    Goal: Accomplish 3 workouts of at least 30 minutes per week.

    Obstacles: There aren't any half marathons this month, so I need to use this month to prepare myself for the Dumbo Double Dare runDisney challenge for Labor Day weekend. It's hot. It's summer. And So Cal has been unusually humid this summer so it feels uncomfortable to run in this.

    How I'll overcome: I signed up for the Hogwarts Running Club events and I haven't completed any of them this year.... so this will be my motivation. I have to accomplish 3 5Ks, 1 6K, 1 10K, 1 13K, and 1 half marathon. I am going to use my training runs as a means to finally finish these events and earn my bling :)

    (More than likely, the half marathon will be split into 2, 10K runs so that I'm not running until 11pm after work :P )


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    Oct 12, 2015
    I'm Melanie a stay at home mom to 5 kids. I live outside Jacksonville, Fl and am currently an AP to WDW.( I'm so excited for the Disney World theme this month!! ) Before having kids I weighted 224lbs (10 years ago, what!? Where does the time go?) After having #1 I lost over 60lbs but after having the other 4 I've slowly gained it back. So I started running a little over a year ago to lose baby weight and so I could run Disney. I have lost 25lbs in the past year. Currently I am training for the Goofy Challenge in January where I will run a half marathon on Saturday and then a full marathon on Sunday, because apparently I have lost my mind :) To prepare for that I decided to do run the Dumbo Double Challenge in Sept. So this month will be a busy running month.

    My goal for August will be to lose 6 lbs and to get in all of my training runs.


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    Oct 8, 2001
    hi all :wave: i'm trying to be is sooo busy and exhausting!

    I'm Molli, I'm in for this month even though I have two trips planned! I just returned from our annual Scrap Hags long weekend at a cropping B&B and i'm so fluffy. my big shorts are tight. I've been making terrible choices like Moscow Mules all summer long. I need to clean up my eating, journal and get back to feeling good as a benefit of my choices. Next week my oldest DH and I are going to LA for 5 days, we were supposed to be visiting her BF on a business trip that has now been postponsed. we are still going :teeth: at the end of the month my DH had a business trip to Paris get scheduled and I get to go! i'm soooooo excited. and now mad at myself for gaining back some weight over the summer. BUT, i'm going to Disneyland Paris solo for a couple days after he heads on for his last stop and back home. so yipppeee!!! anyone been and have any tips? I know nothing about DL, never ever thought i'd get to go!

    so my goal is food journal, steps and complete a local workout challenge that I joined for the month. i'm hoping these actions will give me enough confidence to step on the scale again ;(

    I'm a SAHM with two DD, ages (almost) 24 and 19. the youngest just went back to UC for the year. I work part time contingent as an x-ray tech in a local office. My FT job is managing my health and hormones as i'm a Cushing's disease survivor and current Addison's warrior

    :thanks: dona for hosting! love the pics!


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