kinda late...but I had to put my cat down......7-26-02

Lisa L from MI

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Oct 13, 1999
My last cat...Romeo....don't know if you all remember...I lost Casanova in 2000 from liver disease and Zach just this year April 19 (the kids actually found him in the litter box). Well, I HAD to put Romeo down. He was 13 and peeing all over the place. We probably have to get new carpet and maybe new furniture. I know it was the right thing to do....but it was the hardest thing I ever did...I never had to put someone "down" before. I will never forget that in my life. I still cry about it. He was my first cat when I moved into my apt when my DH (we weren't married yet)were broken up.

I miss him so much....and it was just awful for emotional youngest one.

So, please just say a prayer for poopa butt.....what I always called him
I'm so sorry about your babies. I am saying a prayer for Romeo and your fur-babies.:(
Lisa, Hey from a neighbor to the south.

I am so sorry for your family. I have had to do this and will have to again in the not too distant future, I fear. It is so hard. I knew it was the right thing and I knew if it was me I would want my family to help me along to a better place but, the loss is massive.

Our furry babies were everywhere in the house. Each time I look at a chair or bed or toy I think of them.

We rescued a shelter cat and she is now a big part of our family but she is can't take the place or our Hank.
i'm so sorry. :( we had to put our family pet down earlier this year and i know how hard it is.
I know how hard it is. I have had to put down two of my pets. They become family members and it is heart wrenching....lots of hugs :(
I'm so sorry to hear that Lisa :( I've had to put three of my pets down and it is always so tough. {{{hugs}}}
Sorry to hear that Lisa :( It's always hard to make those decisions and we always miss our pets so much :(

{{{HUGS}}} sweetie


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