Kind of a dumb airplane question (re: food)


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Feb 1, 2000
We have a late afternoon flight (without a meal). I was thinking of bringing a bagged lunch type of meal for my kids to give them something to do to pass the time and also so they won't be starving by the time we get to our resort. Do the airlines have any kind of rules or regs regarding bringing food on our flight? I can't imagine why we wouldn't be able to, but you just never know...:o
... thanks
First off, there is no such thing as a dumb question.

The answer to your question is there is nothing wrong with it.

However, be prepared to show the contents of the bag to airport security personnel, who will wonder what is inside it. Since it's food, you may not want to have it x-rayed; that's fine, just ask them to look at it manually, which they will do.

May I offer a suggestion for this meal you're planning? Cold fried chicken. My mom and dad used to do this when we were going to the beach. Buy some KFC or some similar place fried chicken and put it in the freezer overnight. Then put it in a little cooler wrapped in foil with some sodas or whatever you want to drink. Voila! Instant lunch. It really is good.

Regards and happy landings!

Joe Hurley

I travel quite a bit, both for business and with my family, and I would recommend the following.

The most important thing is bottled water! Funny how dry airplane air is. Funny and unpleasant. Try getting the small bottles for the kids' use.

In addition to water, I would pack some fruit, cheese, and crackers,along with paper napkins and paper plates.

I find that while airline food may be just fair in quality, the real problem with kids is the waiting. SO, if you bring water and some simple fare, they (and you) can eat when you want to and the tray you get is a "bonus".

If the budget allows for it, you can find a food shop or delicatessen that will pack an "airplane picnic" for you.
If you take fruit, you may not be able to take it off the airplane when you land. Fruit can't travel between certain states. It may not apply to where you are and Florida, but I think the flight attendants just make a rule that it's not allowed so that they don't have to worry about the specifics.

if you have an orange or apple packed in a small bag to eat thats ok. its fruit that you buy to take home like crates of ornages and stuff. something to do with bugs or something. and they have bottled water on the airplanes and you can request it about 10-15 min after take off for the kids.


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