Key West to Old Key West Day 13


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Jun 21, 2003
Key West to Old Key West Day 13
Friday 23rd November
Black Friday
We were up super early!!!!!!!!! 5.30 to be exact.

I dropped Theresa off at Joannes as their sale started at 6.00 and made my way over to Target. I thought they looked like they were closed but then I spotted a couple going in. It was weirdly quiet but I found out that they had started their sales the same way as Walmart with a mad bargain bin grab the night before. I managed to get a TomTom sat nav to replace the one Id put in the wash earlier in the week . It proved to be a good buy as we found the directions were clearer than they had been from the Garmin. I also picked up a couple of DVDs that were really cheap. Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows and another one I cant remember now but it had also just been released at the time, they were $6 & $4 each so really cheap!

Theresa managed to get some of the Cricut carts she had been looking for and a few more scrapbooks at knock down prices so she was very happy.
We moved on to my favourite shop, Sheplars at Festival Bay where I purchased a belt and a PBR T shirt. Then it was onto The Florida Mall where we managed to find some T shirts in A & F and Hollisters for our nephews Christmas presents.

Next we were off to The Terrace at Florida Mall so Theresa could get some more scrapbook shopping done at Scrappy Boutique. She had a log chat with the lady in the shop who was an ex pat and Theresa managed to get lots of embellishments and Harry Potter stuff she and her sister Mandy had been looking for.
While Theresa was in there I popped next door to Marshalls and found a good deal on a couple of new suitcases as we would definitely be needing them for Theresas stash.
Wed skipped breakfast as we wanted to be hungry when we reached our favourite place to eat. The Cheesecake factory was calling so that was our next stop. The new Tom Tom came in handy as it took us on a few back roads we didnt know and we were there in no time at all.

I had the usual Shepherds Pie

and Theresa was torn between that and the Chicken Bellagio. The chicken won her over in the end.

For dessert there were also difficult decisions to be made. We wanted to try the peppermint Bark cheesecake Joh had told us about but we also didnt want to miss out on our favourites. In the end I had the limoncello which I absolutely love

and Theresa had the Pumpkin pie as it was another seasonal option she really wanted to try.

The cunning plan we came up with was to get a piece of the Peppermint Bark to go.

We called in at Piktails which is in Hunters Creek on our way back to the resort. We didnt want to keep the cheesecake in a hot car so Theresa did a quick wiz around the shop while I kept the car running and the aircon on. She did manage to pick up some nice gifts for a secret santa she and her friends at her scrapbooking club were having.

We had finished shopping nice and early and took the swag back to the condo and then had a couple of hours by the pool,

before packing some of our stuff. We like to pack as we go so it doesnt feel so much of a chore.

We were really tired after our long day, so ordered dinner to be delivered from the resort food court. We had burgers and fries but they werent very good; they were cold and not that nice. We finished off our cheesecakes wed brought with us from the Keys. The Peppermint Bark one would have to wait for tomorrow.


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Jul 13, 2005
Great day Tone - the Peppermint Bark Cheesecake looks lovely, I really hope they have it when we're there this November.


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