"Keep Calm and Carry On" April 2020 W.I.S.H. Challenge


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Jun 29, 2017
I’m thankful for the 5 students logging onto TEAMs to do their work. This assignment on The Water Cycle required the students to view a YouTube video and then illustrate it. This was an awesome illustration for a 4 year-old. 530B6EE3-A9D2-4915-BFE7-37CC7C1A345C.jpeg
I’m also thankful for the one student who met with me on TEAMs again today. She did a retell of the story I read to her yesterday using the illustrations.

I’m trying to remain positive but my DH and I are in a fight right now. We decided to refinance our mortgage to take advantage of the lower interest rates, and the mortgage company insists on doing a walk-through appraisal in my home. Meanwhile I have read that alternate appraisals are being done now so that nobody enters the house. Our company refuses. So I said, “No.” DH is livid with me because I’m trying to protect my family. He is telling me that I am overreacting and seeing $$$.



I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
Bubble thankfuls:

Our Keurig. We got it after DH started working from home (way before all this) but I love it now that I’m home too - instant warm comfort any time of day.

The fact that my cat likes to cuddle in the morning while I’m having said coffee.

And the long mornings without having to get ready right away. This week I’ve been watching a Hallmark mystery movie every morning. 🙂