Just returned from HRH


Earning My Ears
Jan 30, 2001
We had a lovely Kidsuite and a terrific time at both parks. I've been under the weather since my return, but I'd be happy to answer any questions.

The service was good, the parks weren't too crowded, and the weather was terrific.
How was the FOTL access? If the parks were not crowded, I am sure it was not necessary all the time, but we are going for 3 days in June, assume it will be much busier! Was the pool nice? Glad you had fun, hope you feel better soon. Thanks for answering questions!
FOTL was great. Although it wasn't crowded, some of the more popular rides had wait times of up to 45 minutes. We used FOTL for almost every ride. It was terrific.

I was surprised to find that even with FOTL we had about a 15 minute wait for dueling dragons. Our line just seemed to merge with the regular line.

Overall, we were very impressed with FOTL and wouldn't dream of staying offsite.

The pool was wonderful. The slide was excellent -a very smooth ride. There are pool floats everywhere. My son loved playing basketball in the pool as well. I enjoyed drinks by the pool (only $4.50 plus tip for a pina coloda to be delivered to your beach chair) and the jacuzzi at night. There are also loads of games near the pool: ping pong, shuffle board, chess, and table pool. There is also a small game room near the pool with 2 air hockey tables (my favorite).

Unlike others who have posted, I didn't find the music to be loud at all. In fact, it was not as loud as I would have liked. The underwater sound is okay, but again not as loud as I expected.

I'm still feeling kinda crummy, but thanks for the good wishes. Have a grea time!
Going in August. Booked a pool view. Any suggestions what floor or what area to stay in.
Hope you are feeling better. This has been a terrible winter for all of East Coast people. Can't wait for Spring

You're the first person I've seen so far indicating experience with the HRH Kid Suite. How was it? How was the location? We're going in June and have a Kid Suite booked for 3 nights before we go on to Disney. Our kids will be 8, 4, and 1-3/4 then. Any tips about the Kid Suite or HRH hotel accomodations or parks with this age group?
We were in a kids suite on the 5th floor. (Room 5085). Our room was near the elevator that takes you the Sunset Grille and pool area. We had a very easy walk to the parks each day, just around the pool and you're there. I don't know what area of the hotel to suggest- maybe something near the elevators.

Buzz, you will love your room. There is plenty of room for a crib. If your youngest is still in a crib( mine is) then remember to take a baby blanket from home and a pillow if your child uses one. The crib mattress and bedding are not
terrible comfy.

Our tour plan was to go to areas that our 2 year old could enjoy first, eat lunch, then send him back to the room with my DH for a nap. My husand loves to relax in the room, so this worked out fine for us. During nap time (usually 3 hours!)my 8 year old and I were able to go on our favorite rides. FOTL helped a great deal because we could accomplish alot in very little time. This worked out well for us.

My 2 year old loved both parks. He was able to go on the ET and Hanna Barbera rides at USF. HE also loved Fivel's Playland, and Barney's show/play area. Take a bathing suit and enjoy Curious George's Circus as well. My 8 year old like all of this as well- except for the Barney's play area.

At IOA the baby was able to go on the Caro-suess-el, One fish Two fish, and the Cat in the Hat, he loved it.

Have a great time in June - We'll be going back then as well.


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