Just returned - first ecv trip


Apr 29, 2001
I took my 7yo son and my 10 yo neice to WDW from 2/6 - 2/12. First time using an ecv. I ran into a couple problems but overall everyone was wonderful. I had trouble at RNR. The cm was quite rude----if you can't use a manuelwheelchair you can't go on the ride. The kids wanted to do it so bad they said they'd push. well, they got 1/2 way up the first ramp and couldn't push me any further. People were going around us. Finally someone took over pushing for my neice and took us all the way to the end of the ride. I stopped at guest services the next day to see if there was anything else we could do. They told me to request a backstqage pass which allows you to go up the exit and through the gift shop to the exit of the ride and leave your ecv and load there. It worked much better for us. On star tours we also took the ecv straight across the first row of the ride and then loaded so the ecv was waiting at the end of the ride. Everyone was very helpful and this trip was so much more enjoyable for me because of the ecv. I will never do disney again without it.
What a rude castmember. At RnR they just backdoored me when I said I could not use a manual wheelchair. NO argument at all.
that's not even realistic of the CM to think 2 small children would be able to push a wheelchair!
Glad to hear most of your trip was good, though.
Everyone else was so nice and accomodating. The cm at guest services at MGM apologized and said they wanted to do their best to accomodate all guests on any ride they wanted to go on. One of the CM's snuck us into the last show of Little Mermaid on our last day --- it made the day for my neice. Even with all the cut backs that have gone on the service was great. We stayed 2 nights at AKL. It was wonderful!!! There was on cm---Drew in valet that was so kind to us. He got my ecv in and out of the van, remembered the kids' names, and was always cheerfu -- he helped us unload at about 11:30pm and was still on duty at 10am the next morning when we left ---- long hours!!!
Thank you so much for sharing the information about RNR coaster. I use an ECV at WDW due to a knee condition. When I have tried to go one RNR coaster I was told transfer to a wheelchair or not go. So, THANK YOU for the info about the exit. NO CM ever suggested/recommended that option.
You are much braver than I am. My DH has been trying to get me on that ride since it opened.
I'm not much of a roller coaster person but learned to tolerate them when my daughter was younger so she didn't have to go alone. RnR is really a pretty "nice" ride. It's pretty smooth and I wasn't as scared as I was on space mountain or TOT.
what I can not believe is that people would actually go around you and not offer help....now that is rude. I'm glad you had a great time !!


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