Just met TimUK and family :)

Discussion in 'UK Community Board' started by Bwalker, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Bwalker

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    Mar 28, 2001
    Hi all!

    We just walked through our door about two hours ago after a wonderful stay at WDW :)

    My family had the pleasure of meeting the Armstrongs and hanging out in WDW with them for awhile :)

    We had a great time and Tim got to attend a baseball game with my DH and DS on his birthday! And the hometeam - the Orlando Rays - won!

    We got to spend some time with Tim, Julie, Jade (9) and Nicola (14). The girls are a lot of fun to be with and they are absolutely delightful. Both have captivating smiles. Jade is as cute as she can be with with this indescribeable twinkle in her eye, and Nicola is a classic beauty. My daughter (22) fell in love with them and made them promise they would email her regularly LOL.

    They are still at POR but will be moving to Animal Kingdom Lodge on the 21st (I think) till the 24th when they return home to the UK.

    I miss them already :( but I am so glad we finally have gotten to meet :)

    Have a good Friday everyone :)

    Lorraine :)
  2. BONZO

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    Feb 16, 2001
    Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for posting - it's always nice to hear of mini-meets like these.

    Only a couple of days for us to fly out - yipee!
  3. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    Hi Lorraine :) ! Sounds wonderful !!!

    We know how much Tim enjoys baseball and I'm sure he really was delighted to attend the game with your DH and DS!

    I am jealous now! I hope you and I get to meet up one day too :)
  4. WebmasterPenny

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    Dec 16, 1999
    How cool that you two got to meet up at last, sounds like you had a goodie :) :) :)
  5. KayleeUK

    KayleeUK Still here.....

    Oct 9, 1999
    Sounds like you had fab time :)

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