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Jan 24, 2002
hey guys! - i just joined the forum - but i read some stuff - i love how you guys have all the pics and stuff at the bottom of your posts - how do u d that? - so anyways.. i love disney and im goin there in feb.! and i can't wait - well i guess ill ttyl - bye! :pinkbounce:
Hi!! Welcome to the Disney Information Station! If you have any questions, just ask.

And about the pictures on the bottom of people's posts, those are called signatures. You can set yours up by clicking user cp near the top of your screen, and then edit profile. You can put pictures in by putting its url address in. you get the address by right- mouse clicking the picture want, slide down to properties, highlight the www address there and copy it. You then come back to your signature section of your profile, and put [ IMG ] url address [ /IMG ] in, but w/o the spaces.

Hope that helps. You can always go to the Tech board. They don't bite :D

Oh, I'm Kiki! :p
hey Welcome to DIS!!

Im Jules...if you have any questions PM,email me or just ask!

well since you love disney you should fit right in! :)
February is soon so I hope you have a good trip!!

Hey I'm Natalie and Welcome To The DIS!!!!!!

<marquee behavior=alternate> Happy Posting!!!!!</marquee>


welcome!! i am chelsea! have fun on your trip in feb!! i wish i could be going down to!!
Hi...Welcome to the DIS!! I hope you have a great time on your trip! :)
iv'e just joined too! actually i joined on the 3rd. my name is vicky btw.

HAPPY POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!

SMILER!!!!!!!!!:D :D


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