Just booked POP with free QSDP-some interesting facts.

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    Okay so I bit the bullet and booked a room at POP to get free DDP. I'm still not sure if we are going to go or not (won't really know until DD11 starts school in July). The free DDP goes public tomorrow so I wanted to get my room booked, just in case. The $200 deposit is interest free for 6 months so if we don't go as long as I cancel by 8/10 it won't cost me nything.:goodvibes

    Call took 23 minutes, wish you could skip the first part and just start off talking to a live person.

    The free QSDP is good until 9/24. My first question when I called was if my stay goes past 9/24 what happens with the dining. "As long as your stay starts by the last day of the offer, you get it for the entire stay" Yippee! Just what I wanted to hear!

    I booked for 12 nights ( I will most likely cut it back to 9 or 10 but booked just in case) I meant to only book 11 nights but I apparently can't count!;) So we will be able to use our many SC for food at the FWF! DD11 will be so happy. I wish we weren't going on opening weekend since we were there for the same weekend last year and it was pretty packed! Oh well, at least we can eat for free.

    The room rates quoted on allearsnet.com are low. Each night was $10 more. The room cost between $95 and and $115/night plus tax. More for the weekend and more starting on 9/30 (the start of F&WF)

    As with last year the min. ticket you need to buy, per guest is a 2 day base ticket. Cost for the 3 of us $518.00

    This looks to be free. A $79.95 value plus standard US shipping. Must use coupon code by1/31/12.

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