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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by cigar95, Feb 8, 2001.

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    Aug 23, 2000
    The seeds have been planted, I've read some discussions, but no real inquiries yet. You folks sound like the place to ask questions, right?

    From what I understand, each DVC resort sells enough points to more or less fill that resort. Since Boardwalk is sold out, for instance, would this mean that if all the BWV members decided to use all their points at their home resort in a given year, there would be no room for anyone else to get in?

    Obviously, this isn't very likely, but it opens my question as to if it can be difficult to find rooms available away from one's home resort. (For the record, my tendency is to visit WDW during the off times, like January and September.)

    I'm thinking in terms of a devious Grand Strategy here - it looks like resales at Vero Beach seem to go for less per point than the on-property resorts. But since all DVC points are equal, I was wondering if I might buy a Vero Beach membership, but plan on always using my points at a WDW property.

    A second question - are Beach Club Villa memberships being sold yet, since the opening is only about a year away?

    Thanks for any thoughts on the matter.
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    Jan 14, 2001
    BCV will not open until at least fall 2002, a good year and a half away. There has been much speculation that if VWL sells out, Disney may presell. However you wouldn't close or be able to use the points until sometime after the resort opens. Resales are an attractive alternative if you don't want to buy VWL. However, many will warn you to purchase where you plan to stay. If you don't care where you stay and are extremely flexible in time, VB may be okay. But remember a couple of things: VB will not have as much value if you want to resell it. Many DVC owners vacation at off times because it requires less points and gives them more vacation time.Boardwalk appears to be difficult to get into any time of the year. Good luck!

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    If you truly want to spend most vacations at WDW, then I would strongly suggest buying points at either WLV or BCV when they become available. You could also consider a resale at either OKW or BWV. By owning points at a WDW resort, you will be able to take advantage of an 11 month booking opportunity, as opposed to a 7 month window at your non-home resort. I own points at OKW and also purchased a Vero Beach resale recently. I enjoy a 3 night add on at Vero Beach for my WDW vacations and I also plan on using the Vero points for DCL cruises. :)

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    Aug 21, 2000
    Question 1: "Since Boardwalk is sold out, for instance, would this mean that if all the BWV members decided to use all their points at their home resort in a given year, there would be no room for anyone else to get in?"

    Yes it could be a problem, as people do have an 11 month priority window in their home resort. Disney, though, does keep 3% of the resort in their own inventory for their own use, probably for cash ressies.

    Question 2: "A second question - are Beach Club Villa memberships being sold yet, since the opening is only about a year away?"

    Florida Time share laws are very strict nowadays. The building has to first have a certificate of occupancy in order to even file time share paperwork. Once the certificate of occupancy is issued, (after the building is complete) the conversion to timeshare will be filed. Most likely several price hikes in the cost of points will have taken place though.


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  6. dianeschlicht

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    Nov 22, 2000
    Because of the 11 month booking window, it is advisable to buy where you want to be most often. We own at OKW. When we added an extra 150 contract last year, we thought about doing BWV, but decided to stick with OKW because we like it there. Now I kind of wish we would have done the BWV because they sold out soon after that. Be sure to learn as much as you can about each resort. We don't like the hotel type atmosphere at BWV and VWL. That is why we went with both contracts at OKW. WE also like the larger units and smaller points and lower dues at OKW. We just feel it is a better value. Many complain about the buses, but we never have minded the bus ride to and from the parks. We usually have a rental car as well and use that for resort hopping since the bus is not very efficient to resorts. I am sure others will be willing to tell you what they like about their home resorts too. That way you can make an educated decision about where to buy. Just remember that BWV and OKW would have to be resales. :)

  7. wdwnut

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    Jan 12, 2000
    hi: just stressing this again! the 11 month reservation window is a great advantage-even when you travel during the off season. we've been going to wdw since 1987 and have noticed there is less of an off season than there used to be. also, we regretted not having bought into dvc in 93 when we first heard about it. it would've been paid for by now. the 7 month ressie policy for your non-home resort can be limiting as discussed by a prior poster. there are many more units available at okw, and you may be able to make ressies there more easily at the 7 month mark. bwv has been booked quite heavily for the last year or so. vwl will be that way too for a while as the new kid on the block and until more units are sold. any other questions, just post.

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