Just Back


Jul 17, 2003
Hi everyone...

We just got back from a couple days at Universal. Stayed on property so we used the express entrance. The longest wait we had was 5 minutes once for Men In Black. I'm happy to answer any questions.

We went to see The Blue Man Group Thursday night. It was awesome! I don't know exactly what I expected but it was surpassed anything I was hoping for. We were in the Poncho section but never had anything fly our direction. I wish I were still there so I could go again! :)
Welcome back -

Glad to heat you had a great time!!!! Hope the weather was good - and only once a backup of FOTL!!! How great for you!!!:yay:
I had originally planned never to go see the Blue Man Group, but I'm hearing way too many good things. I'm sure we'll go see it after the summer crush is over.
I wasn't terribly anxious to see it either...I took my brother and his girlfriend and he really wanted to go. But I'm glad I did! I think my sides still hurt from laughing so hard!

I'm so excited to hear the show was good - we have tickets for 6/27. They did a show in our arena last winter and people said it was excellent, but I think all their shows are different like Cirque??
Is the BMG show good for kids - my DD9? Was thinking about it for our upcoming trip but was not sure!


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