Just Back from POP 2/11-2/17

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    Jul 26, 2000
    Well we just got back from POP for 7 glorious days. First rained a little tues and wed but other than that the weather was outstanding. Now for the good stuff. Let me tell you the more we stay at POP the more we love it. The room 4202 was in great shape. On second floor with a perfect view of the pool. Not loud at all. Could not hear anybody in the pool at night. The beds, sheets and comforters were all in great shape. Plenty of towels to go around.

    The resort was a little crowded (soccer tmt in town), but very manageable. Food court was jammed as always but the food was always great and hot. The refillable mugs were good but only one size now and all the same. The people still using old mugs really stand out now.........

    The CM's at the hotel were great as always. We did not have one problem with hotel at all. And for those of wondering, there were no bed bugs at all atleast not in our room and we did not hear any complaints from other guests either.
    The parks were great, clean and seemed to be in very good shape. Took DS 6 and DD 2 to the Pirate and Princess party and let me tell you. If you are a POC fan then you have to do this party. Disney really does it up right and it was worth every penny.

    Well i'm tired more to come tomorrow.


    Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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