Just Back from First Visit Home!


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Apr 6, 2000
Just back from five days at WDW and a three night cruise. We spent four days at our home VWL. It was awesome! The decorations were beautiful and it was such a relaxing atmosphere. Only received two "welcome homes", one at check in and one from the gate guard. Had dinner at Artist Pointe--yum, yum, yum.

DS (6) loved the pool. We did have a minor panic, when DS couldn't find DH at the pool and decided to head back to the room by himself. We couldn't find him for about 20 minutes and I had a major panic attack. Several cast members were helping us look and they were really great about it.

We arrived at 12:00 pm Friday, Dec 6, and had FL ressie at All Stars Movie ($49). DH was forever checking in, then he came out and told me they didn't have room at the inn--stress meter rising. He then added that they sent us over to Animal Kingdom lodge for the two nights--much better.

The Animal Kingdom lodge was beautiful, but the rooms were so tiny. I swear they felt smaller than moderates we've stayed at. They probably aren't, but they just feel dinky. We had a lovely view of the pool and we spent that Saturday relaxing and checking out the resort.

Sunday we went to Discovery Cove (wonderful), and then checked into the lodge. We loved the one bedroom, the washer and dryer and having a kitchen. The only things were didn't like were the skimpy tools, cheap toliet paper, and horrible water pressure. I don't really understand the water pressure thing. Animal Kingdom and Shades of Green have decent pressure. Is it just the villas that have the problem?

On Thursday, we headed to the Cape for our cruise.

Took a ton of pictures. Zurg helped me out before we left and I need to get them posted.

Great vacation. Can't wait to go home again.


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Jul 25, 2001
Glad you had such a nice trip.

Moving from the All Stars to AKL was a pretty nice bump too! I think the rooms there are the same size as WL. Pretty small, but at least you did it at the beginning of the trip so you would be able to spread out for the rest of the trip!

Off topic for this board, I guess, but wasn't Discovery Cove unbelievable? It's like being in the South Pacific....sooooo relaxing! :) So I have to ask....did you do the dolphin swim?

Thanks for the comments about VWL. Always nice to hear news about "home".


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Feb 21, 2001
I'm glad you had a great trip. I can't wait (until Oct. 2002) for my next trip home to VWL!

Here's an ignorant question . . . What is Discovery Cove?

Another question; we're thinking about visiting AKL on our trip.
Do you think a 2 or 3 year old child will enjoy visiting AKL?


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Sep 6, 1999
Discovery Cove is Seaworlds latest park. It is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and IMHO although expensive , if you're interested in aquatic wildlife in general and dolphins in particular, it is well worth the money.


There is a board on the site that will give you more answers to any questions you might have

The buffet dinner at AKL was absolutely outstanding and it's a great hotel to visit. How much a 2/3 year old would get out of visiting any hotel I'm not sure but there are a few things (animals) for them to see from the deck and the walkway.


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Apr 6, 2000
I think your children would love AKL. The room we had was equipped with bunk beds and queen--DS loved it. There were lots of animals to watch and the pool was neat. I think the store in the hotel is one of the best I've seen. Lots of cool stuff.

The buffet dinner at Boma's was interesting. DH absolutely loved it, but a lot of the spices didn't really agree with me. Although, the desserts were some of the best I've ever had a WDW. We had dinner the next night at Artist pointe and I really enjoyed that meal.