June 10 Wonder part 2

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    Nov 5, 2000
    Got up early to see the sunrise. Having the veranda does make your room bright in the morning. Hubby and I went to Beach Blanket for breakfast. I had read that the eggs were cold and runny but they seamed ok to me. Then we went back, got the girls up and told them to go eat breakfast so we could get to the Princess Party. Our girls made the comment that Alice and Wendy should not be considered Princesses but they were there anyway. The real princesses that were there were Cinderella and Snow White. Still it was fun to see all of them.
    Nassau - we didn't sign up for any excursions, maybe we should have. Just went shopping for about 3 hours and that was enough for us. It was hot and I just wanted to be on the ship. The oldest daughter and I went swimming while the youngest took a nap. It is nice to go swimming while everyone else is off the ship. However, I wouldn't really call it swimming since the pools are only about 10 feet wide and 30 feet long. But it did cool us off. Next my hubby, youngest daughter, and myself went to see Pearl Harbor. Our oldest had already seen it so she rested, read her book, and watched TV. Told us she really enjoyed her quiet time.
    Dinner at 8:30 was at Animator's Palate. We enjoyed baked stuffed tomato, caesar salad, smoke salmon, veal chop, and chicken. The picture changes were interesting and we took several pictures. I hope they come out. We were never done with our dinners until 10:00. I noticed other people were done quicker. I'm not sure why but we did enjoy our wait staff.
    Went to the clubs afterwards but didn't stay out as late. We really are not the party type but I wanted to sample all that they offered. I told myself I could sleep when we got home.

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