Journey to Atlantis Question


Caffeinated Insomniac
Mar 27, 2001
Other than the big drop at the end of Journey to Atlantis is the rest of the ride like a rollercoaster or is it just a normal attraction or water flume? :confused:
I'm not sure what exactly you mean by this, but what you do before the drop is float along in a channel of water. It takes you through Atlantis and when the siren gets mad at you you hit a lift, you do a u-turn, another lift, and the first drop. You then go back up into the building where you are on coaster track, after a little turn and straight away, you do the roller coaster drop. I hope that answers your question.
Is it really fast like a rollercoaster where you get thrown all around and jerked around?

My mom and I both like traditional water flumes but we don't really like rollercoasters. We don't mind getting bumped around a bit but I don't want something that feels like a rollercoaster.
It is more of a traditional flume ride. There is only one part that it is like a rollercoaster. It is primarily a slight drop and turn to the right. Nothing like a rollercoaster and you won't get jurked all around.
Not too roller coaster ish at all, more of a gentle surprise than a fast roller coaster...


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