Jimmy Buffett thrown out of NBA game

Dave OBrien

Earning My Ears
May 6, 2000
I saw this yesterday morning on the Today show. Jimmy Buffett was tossed out of an NBA game(presumably in Florida)for being "overly rowdy" during the game. He was being interviewed by Katic Couric and Matt Lauer and eventually sighed with exasperation at the questions. Katie asked him if because this happened over the weekend, "Come Moday, everything's all right?" Jimmy's expression was priceless as he stated "Can't you ask me something better than that?" Funny stuff!

"Compose your final, loathesome dirge!"
Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone ;)

<font color=green>I gotta go where there ain't any snow....PHINZUP!</font>
It seems that Jimmy Buffett wasn't "just rowdy" but his language was clearly inappropriate for a public area. There were parents with small children who didn't care for his foul mouthed vocabulary. "Let them who is without sin cast the first stone?? In the meantime those in the area have to put up with that kind of nonsense? I think not. Maybe Jimmy got a "permanent reminder of a temporary feeling".

You know, if I was there with my children I probably would have felt the same way. I'm just saying that most of us are probably guilty of letting one fly without stopping to consider who is listening. I know I have. Probably not you though.....

If this were not a celebrity, we would never have heard anything about it. Let's keep it in perspective. Nobody got killed so why is this all over the news? I'll bet the kids who attended that NBA game heard stuff just as bad in lines at the concession stand, in the bathrooms, walking back to the parking lot, etc. I can't go to Walgreens these days without hearing F-this and F-that from people all around me.

<font color=green>I gotta go where there ain't any snow....PHINZUP!</font>
I would never be asked to leave a public event because of my language. I do not use F words and do not like them used in my presence. I have actually asked people who do use those words in my presence if "they eat with that mouth". Maybe if more people spoke up about what is really inappropriate, we would have more civil discourse.

I mentioned this because Jimmy probably had a few and let things slip. I thought the whole thing was pretty funny. I wasen't asking for a lecture from the pulpit on how to protect everyone's children. The referee threw him out and he had his 6 year old son with him, which he said on the interview that having his son with him at the time was what he felt bad about. Turning this into a debate on how everyone has to watch their actions to protect everyone else's children is the last thing anyone wants to hear. Relax- it happened. You weren't there, so your child was spared the horror of Jimmy's tirade.

"Compose your final, loathesome dirge!"
Can I get an "Amen!" for Brother Dave?
You've charmed the perfect human into joining us on these boards!
Buffet acted like a thug and should have been in jail rather than being moved out of his seat. From what ive read he continually used profanity while with his 6yr old grandchild at the game. If he cant act like a human being he should be at home and not negativley influencing his grandchild, of course people like that think they can act anyway they want.
I hate to be sacriledgious but..

He's obviously not very big over here in England!!!
....sounds like a nice guy though. ;)


Jimmy Buffett performs what is known as "Caribbean get-drunk beach music". If you like melodic tunes, steel drums, storylines in your songs, & just plain old happy music.... get a copy of "Songs You Know By Heart". That's a good one to get you hooked.
He did err , but don't we all? I couldn't beleive profanity was used at a sporting competition either though!
As far as being put in jail, good thing the Miami Heat weren't playing BobOs' Milwaukee Stormtroopers.
I'm with Dawn on this one. Let's not lower the standard in our society to look at this behavior and languauge as acceptible. I've encountered the same situations as you MirthMaiden but we each have the power to change the world and make it a better place. I commend Dawn for her contribution.
Maybe the guy was out of line, but I think "thug" and being thrown in jail might be a little harsh here. I certainly hope those posters who maintain such high values and perfect behavior at all times always lead by example so all the rest of us ignorant barbarians who have ever done something inappropriate will always look up to them as pillars of virtue and wisdom. When I grow up,I hope someday to follow these fine examples unless I should be thrown in jail, publically flogged and humiliated, and beg for forgiveness for my shameful act of cursing during a sporting event. Jimmy was inapproapriate- yes. Did he kill anyone-no. Let's let Jimmy worry about how he acts in front of his grandchild for that's his business. I'd hate to know what Bob O. would suggest happen to Jimmy if he double parked.

"Compose your final, loathesome dirge!"
we're going to see Jimmy in concert in a few weeks, hope he's got a new song about this!
Usually if you contiually yell profanities in a public place that would cause a breach of the peace, escpecially when children are around and that would be disorderly conduct and people are arested for that behaviour everyday. I myself have arrested hundreds of people in the last 20 yrs who have been profane in public and caused a disturbance which either i personaly heard or was reported by a citizen who was upset by the behaviour. Some people may want to excuse his behavior and think because he is a celebrity its ok and that he is a good role model for his grandchild but i certainly dont and with that type of thinking its not surprising clinton got away with his escpades. In sporting events acroos the country people are ejected or arrested for such borrish behaviour, yelling and complaining is one thing but repeatedly using the "f" word and such in public is another. Just another example of society excusing behaviour and unwillingness to judge when people act wrongly.
Quoth my favorite character from PepperAnn,

"PA.. Query.."

Does this have anything at all do to with Uiniversal, theme parks, or anything? Come on people, don't assume because there's a resturant named after him in the area that any of us really want to hear you bicker about him cussing. Get over it. It's not important. Get a life!
You mean there's a restaurant of Jimmy Buffett's near Universal?
Loric - maybe you should move this topic to the debate board. Oops! You're not the moderator. I forget sometimes.

Maybe everyone should e-mail Rob first before we post. You know, just a quick QC check so as not to offend.

I'm wondering what "The Holy Land" has to do with Universal?
A) Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville is in Citywalk. If you didn't know that then you obviously haven't been paying hardly any attention at all to the messages on these boards nor do you really care about Universal's complexes, so I must ask, Why are you here?

B) To big(I doubt it)cajones.. This board is often used to Discuss other parks in the Orlando area aside from Disney. There is no "Holy Land" forum and people here were inquiring about information. Maybe if you spent less time trying to think up witty names to hide under and more time actually getting your facts straight you might not of made an *** of yourself.
PS: If i'm a big enough jerk to you the thread will be locked or stay open and I'll just harsher toward stupidity. Either way, I win :)
Maybe bigcajones should use those bigcajones and post using his real handle instead of hiding behind a made up one. In any event the topic of this thread went astray.



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