It's been a long week and 1/2 & we are still sick

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Actually started out over 3 weeks ago when I got bronchotis. Christmas eve night DD had high fever, took her to docotors day after and she had ear infection, and upper Resp. infection. Saturday she broke out with spots. We did find out she had a mild case of chicken pox even after she had the vaccine. I got the stomach virus last week. DS has the stomach virus and an ear infection. Glad I recewived a carpet cleaner for Christmas. He missed last night all over the carpet and his bed. Not a fun night. Then I started again last night with the stomach virus. Sorry for this long vent but I need us to get better. I'm going crazy inside the house for over a week and a half. Who else has ben sick?
Oh, man! You sure are having a bad time of it. I hope you all recover soon. Break out the Lysol disinfectant and wash all those little hands!
C&Amom! Should I send a case of disinfectant down to South Jersey???

Hope you and your family get better soon!
{{HUGS}} There is alot of nasty stuff going around. I always thought chicken pox broke out more towards spring, but after reading a couple posts here, I guess that theory does not hold true.
Awww, not a great way to start the new year, but maybe that means all the sickness will be behind you for the year. I hope you all feel better soon. :D
Sorry to read this Diane! :( Get Well **Pixie Dust** on the way!
I've had a cold all week long, but compared to you and your family it was nothing. I hope everyone in your house gets well soon {{hugs}}
We all had a stomach virus over the holidays so I know how you feel. PD to you!:D
Bless your heart! You've had it pretty tough. I'm sorry your family has been unwell. I sure hope you are all feeling much better very, very soon.

Thanks everyone for thinking of my family and I. We are all feeling better, and hoping DD doesn't get the stomach virus.
Oh my goodness, sounds like you guys have had it!!! {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} and get well pixie dust heading your way!


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