Is the Grand Villa Worth the Points?


Aug 20, 1999
Hi - We are planning a large group trip for next January. There will be 23 people and I am torn between 3 two-bedrooms or 2 two-bedrooms and a Grand Villa. We would need to borrow points for the GV if we choose that option. However it will be my Mom's 82nd birthday and I am considering the GV route. If anyone has stayed in a GV, I would appreciate their input into whether it makes the trip extra special. Thanks...Rich
January 2001 we got a GV for the extended family....had Dad and Mom with us...Dad was 81.....he passed away Sept 2001....the vacation together in the GV was wonderful. The memories will be cherished forever! I am so glad we were able to do the GV togehter...go for it!
Even though all 23 of you can sleep comfortably in the 3 2BR's, you won't all be able to congregate in one of them. 23 in the GV would be tight, also - but possible...

We've stayed at least once in all of the resorts' 3BR units except for Boardwalk (you didn't mention which resort you were considering.)

They are all awesome!!

We rented a 3BR and a 2BR for my 30th birthday with all of our immediate family - and it was WELL worth it! You won't do these large family get-together's that often - I'd say that it would be worth borrowing the points.

Good Luck with your planning..
Rich is our resident expert on GV's and hopefully he'll answer. We've had a GV once and loved it.

One thought, is your mother able to go up and down stairs OK? The guest bedrooms are upstairs.

When we had our GV several years ago, my MIL was with us and able to do the stairs OK. However today she's 82 also, and unfortunately would no longer be able to climb the stairs anymore. Something to consider.

I would say that , if you're planning a group party/get together then the GV is going to be the best way to go. Catsbill makes a good point though on access, depending on how your mom is on stairs. MAybe you could accommodate her in the 2 bedroom, she would still be OK to make the get togethers, but not have to face the stairs on a daily basis. If points are tight you might find a GV, a 2 bed and a couple of studios a cheaper option ( there may be members of your group that would prefer a studio to sharing a 2 bed with another part of the family? )
Are we talking OKW or BWV?

The stairs aren't an issue in most BWV GVs.

I really don't think the BWV gvs are worth the points. The difference in points between an OKW GV and a BWV GV is much more dramatic than the corrosponding differences between any other size units.

The BWV GVs are smaller and don't have any of the volume ceilings that make the OKW GV feel so good to walk into.

Three BWV two bedrooms would be silly. Talk about no room to congregate, you would have 23 people and one dining room table that comfortable seats four.

An OKW two bedroom would be MUCH better. The living and dining areas are MUCH larger. I still don't think you would find comfortable seating for 23.

The OKW GV could actually accomodate this number pretty comfortably, the BWV GV could also do it, albeit, somewhat less comfortably....the loss of sleep over the obscene number of points would make it much less comfortable.
The BW grand villa we stayed in was a 2 story and did have "volume ceilings". The TV area was 2 story and one of the bedrooms upstairs had a little balcony that over looked the tv area. We loved the GV and thought it was a wonderful vacation. We don't plan to do it often but it was a great treat! We had 3 generations all together. We really enjoyed standing on the balcony every night and watching the fireworks and the boardwalk.

Go for it!

I would definitely due the boardwalk grand villa, I only wish i had that option this times. they are closed during my april trip or i would have gotten that instead of threetwo bedrooms and a studio. I have stayed in one and it was plenty big enough for family get together and you can't even compare the locations between okw and bwv. the extra ceiling space wouldn't do it for me as much as the ease of everyone getting from place t oplace . the choice of restaurants in the immediate vicinity is much better than OKW if you aren't planning on cooking for everyone. Olivias might be a tad tight if you all showed up at once for dinner. I would go for it ...the extra points are worth me joan
Most definitely do the Grand Villa!

We have used it twice at OKW to have friends and family come with us, and it was nice to spread out! We had a Superbowl party last year, and although there was only 13 of us, we had plenty of room.

Have an enjoyable time!
The Grand Villas are fantastic. I ussually stay in the GV's at OKW, which are very roomy and have 2 floors. Family time is truly great when you go back to the room (unless you need time away from the family, lol) I have also stayed at BW in the Grand Villa and found the single floorplan to be nicely done as well. The highlight of the BW GV is the balcony (overlooking boardwalk), it is large and the view is exceptional. The GV at OKW are a tremendous value in terms of points if you're looking to save a few. Enjoy the trip.
Thanks to everyone that responded. I was so pleasantly surprised to see such a ringing endoresement of the Grand Villas even at the higher points. I did forget to mention that it was the BW that I was considering. The 11 month window begins to run next week so I am going to have to stop going back and forth - and if I change my mind again my wife will kill me - and make the decision.. However I am leaning towards the GV and all the feedback here makes me even more comfortable with that decision. I realize that the large number of points means that I can not do this again for a long time but I would hate to put it off and off only to realize that I waited too long... Thanks again...Rich


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